The emergence of painless of epilation in my life | MissEpilator

About miss Epilator!

Hi, princess! I am Priscilla, beautician, and consultant for epilating your body hair which spoils the beauty. You may have thought that I am a fashion designer or professional in beauty spa.

No, not at all! I am just an Engineering graduate. Are you scolding me that why are you advising me for epilation? It's also my duty to analyse the trendy machines, right! Probably, now you would agree that I am a best professional in terms of the Epilator, a machine.

This blog is just my instinct and passion. I have suffered a lot from my teens due to the ingrown hairs and hair removal methods. Hence I wanted all the queens, princess, and budding celebrities to epilate safely and painless.

I wanted to share my epilation secrets to all the other princess of the world and there is no other better way than contacting you other than the web.

I have been using different hair removal techniques from threading to epilation. But, I was satisfied only on epilation technique, it never caused me pain in my facial, underarms or any other secret sensitive areas. Also, must tell you that fact that it causes no pain, red bumps only when it's properly used with the appropriate accessories.

However, I know that hair removal is like shelter, clothing to every girl for her grooming needs. Also, no face make-ups would last longer, if you do not remove the facial hairs.

I am here to share my secret, darker, hidden secrets which my parents are even not aware of! So I want every princess to visit my blog personally so that you may get the beauty secrets without any discomfort feelings.

At this moment, I invite you for free online beautician course on epilation stream! You're not only a princess but my budding celebrity, so I would take care of your beauty secrets!