Best bikini trimmer for secret dating trips! Snatch out root hairs!

Best bikini trimmer for darker hidden moments! Uproot the ingrown hairs!


"Even though I could shut the entire body, but I can't in my darker hidden moments." Also, in summer dating trips, this hide and seek makes me a defeater.

So I have to undoubtedly trim my bikini lines. I have to be careful while epilating my bikini lines, so I need the best bikini trimmer.

I don't need to wear a Brazilian Bikini for shutting my body, for this jean is enough. When I wear a Brazilian Bikini, I wish to expose my inner beauty to the world, most probably in the summer season and hidden moments.

Also, I need to be perfectly groomed while exposing my beauty to the world. Even I am crazy on the best bikini bodies, but for this flawless skin, I need to know how to use a bikini trimmer. Obviously, you will also be crazy on best bikini bodies!

Best way to remove hair from bikini area:


I have been utilising all the hair removal methods from my teens, but in my experience, threading and waxing strips are the most painful methods.

It harms me like shit on the face itself and hence I don't want this harmful method in my sensitive areas. Hair removal creams are there in the market, but the ingrown hairs come out within one or two days.

Even more specific, (Warning! Please don't reveal my secrets to anyone I am your best friend) I am not ready to use these hair removal techniques in my bikini lines.

There are more different ways to shave bikini area which is quick, painless and long lasting. Let's switch to the painless bikini trimmers.

I will readily utilise razors, trimmers and epilators for sensitive areas. In the case of epilation technique, I will fix the face cap in my epilator head and then epilate in bikini lines.

It may take some time, but I don't want any red bumps or blood in my bikini lines. Hence I would patiently epilate by fixing the face head and take the time to epilate my ingrown hairs in the sensitive areas down there in bikini lines.

I would epilate once in two weeks and that's enough for my peach hairs. This routine schedule makes my epilation easy and painless.

How to pick the best bikini trimmer?


Trimmer and razors are working on the same manual. I will choose the best bikini trimmers by glancing at the number of tweezers or blades in the razors.

If you're scared of epilating then you may use these trimmers and razors. This can be handy and will remove the hairs in less time. But the problem with this technique is the hairs begin to uproot soon! Even this can't work for more than 2-3 days.

I suggest the epilation technique for bikini line trimming. Because however, we are going to spend time for trimming, this epilation technique could relieve us from hair removal sessions for more than 2-3 weeks.

Also, if you properly epilate there are no red bumps and pain in the bikini lines. Now your query will be "how to use a bikini trimmer?." I will answer you from my experience starting from teens.

How to use a bikini trimmer?


Bikini lines are most sensitive as well as tough areas to trim. So my first tip for using bikini trimmer is you have to pay patience and time for trimming or epilating the bikini area.

If you're in hasty, please step out of the bikini trimming session. Plan your shower accordingly, before you step out for darker hidden moments.

If you're using razors, then no problem you use them in wet or dry. But while you pick the trimmers or epilators, make sure whether they can be used in wet forms.

Now, I will guide you for bikini line trimming session.

  • Be cool and patient, don't get tensed. These devices will not harm you unless you're in hasty or tensed.
  • Check the device in non-sensitive areas like armpits, before starting in the bikini lines.
  • When there are no problems with the device, then proceed with bikini lines.
  • While using epilators, fix the facial hair removal cap, to make the number of tweezers for a sensitive area. This can make you epilate safely in the bikini lines down there.
  • I remind budding best bikini bodies, that your bikini lines are very sensitive and hence handle with care.
  • Hold the bikini trimmer at 80-90 degree angle from your bikini lines and gently epilate, trim or shave against the ingrown hairs with the device you've picked.
  • Be gentle as though you're soothing the baby's head. This can never make you feel scary or painful.
  • After epilating or trimming, gently apply some serums to make the ingrown hairs smooth. This can also relieve the red bumps and irritation after the bikini line trimming. This is the tough as well as sensitive area, so utilise serums.
  • Also, remove the hairs in bikini lines when they're shorter and at peach hair stage. Practice a routine schedule, so as to enjoy the bikini trimming sessions.

At this moment, you've decided to become the best bikini body with best bikini trimmer. Don't be scared about the sensitive bikini lines, I have picked these products with great care so as not to spoil the inner beauty of best bikini bodies.

Here are my best bikini trimmers which I am utilising for Brazilian bikini lines trimming.

Schick Quattro For Women:


I have been utilising this schick two in one trimmer cum razor from my teen start. This schick razor stick holds best in my hand for trimming my bikini area.

I will utilise the razor face at the first session of my hair removal session in my bikini lines. The other session would be with trimmer face to make the ingrown hairs vanish without even a patch.

This schick bikini trimmer stick includes 4 thin blades specially made for bikini lines trimming. Also, this is battery operated and hence no more recharging.

I always pick this for dating trips on outside my hometown. I own a light orange colour, I love this look and hence would often go crazy while looking this bikini trimmer and would use it.

This schick trimmer stick can also be operated in wet circumstances as they are built with waterproof designs. This may be one of the best bikini trimmer with razors.

In customer reviews, I had glanced many reviews that the blades rust quicker. But these may be due to unclean sanitary habits. If you wash the schick with a proper cleaning brush, it would last for more than one month.


  • The schick trimmer stick is handy.
  • Two in one can be used as razor or trimmer.
  • Weeds perfectly for travel trips.
  • Waterproof and can be used for sensitive bikini areas.


  • It's not rechargeable.
  • The blades may rust while there is no proper cleaning.
  • This is use and throw razor stick and can be utilised only for two to three times.

Braun Silk- Epil 7- 7561:


Braun silk epil 7-7561 guy is my previous epilator for my bikini line trimming. As the name, this brauny guy silks my bikini line trimming. I will utilise this brauny guy for both wet and dry bikini trimming as its design suits both.

This brauny guy has six more accessories which can be fixed to epilate my different parts of the body. This brauny guy removes the hairs in the bikini line up to 0.5mm as he has 40 close-grip tweezers.

While epilating on my bikini lines, I would fix the sensitive cap and epilate the bikini lines, to be painless and well groomed down there. I utilise the shaver head, trimmer cap, massage roller, facial cap and efficiency cap on other parts depending on the area I epilate.

This brauny is cordless and I will utilise the bikini trimming for 40 minutes by charging the brauny for one hour.

Do you think the price is too high? No, this is the bikini trimmer. We have to spend on this to avoid bumps and pains in the bikini lines. Sure the painful trimmer could spoil your Brazilian bikini lines best moments.

In this brauny guy, some best bikini bodies are not satisfied it seems. They complain in the reviews that this brauny harms. Probably, they may have not fixed the appropriate accessories and hence this brauny would have beat them up.

Sure, you bikini beauties would never make this mistake as I have shared my bikini trimming experience with appropriate accessories.


  • Brauny can be utilised based on the area by fixing various accessories.
  • Suits both in wet and dry circumstances.
  • Uproots the hair up to 0.5mm.
  • Epilation lasts for 2-3 weeks perfectly.


  • Cordless and should refill the battery or change.
  • May cause pain for sensitive skins if not properly handled with accessories.

[5 in 1] Hangsun epilator F510:


This Hangsun 5 in 1 guy is my current bikini trimming epilator. This is the new launch and is trendy. Looks great as iphone. This Hangsun guy fits in my hand perfectly, so that I can epilate my bikini line without any scary feelings.

This guy came with five other girlfriends to my home. But I had no fights with these girlfriends, instead, they helped me to soothe my entire body.

For my bikini lines, I would fix the facial hair removal cap, to trim my bikini lines. After completely epilating the bikini lines, I would fix the facial cleaning brush to make the shed hairs clean for the bikini area.


This girlfriend of Hangsun guy would soothe my bikini lines, while the others like massage roller, pedicure hard skin remover and lady shaver would help me in other grooming needs.

I would always keep this Hangsun guy and her girlfriends in my handbag to make me stress relieved by utilising the massage roller. Quite, pretty moments, right? That other's girlfriend helps us! Just kidding!

This Hangsun guy is perfectly affordable for bikini trimming needs as he leaves no red bumps or pain in the bikini trimmings. Hence I kiss this guy as he is the best bikini trimmer in 2016.

Instead of paying $38.99, for one hair removal session in the spa, we can buy this hangsun for our bikini trimming and hair removal sessions.

There is a great demerit of this Hangsun guy, he never let's touch us before 3-4 weeks of epilation.


  • Epliates from head to toe.
  • Weeds for bikini trimming without causing pain or red bumps.
  • Affordable for perfect hair removal needs.
  • Accurately leaves only 0.5mm of hair in the bikini areas after epilation.


  • Never lets us trimming before 3-4 weeks of epilation.

Wrap up for bikini trimming:

Sure you would have started your bikini trimming sessions with best bikini trimmer! I also suggest tend skin ingrown hair serum after bikini trimming epilation session.

I have already mentioned that I am crazy on adorable best bikini bodies. Obviously, you would be the best Brazilian bikini beauty, hence could you place your autograph in my blog comment areas beauties!

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