Best epilator for Brazilian thread wear! Pluck out the thready hairs!

Best epilator for Brazilian wear! Deter the ingrown hairs & be red hot!


"OMG, I am wearing my most sexy Brazilian threads, why these hairy threads come out of my thready wear!" Yes, of course, this was my guilty and confidence fewer moments in front of my BF while I was wearing the Brazilian's thready outfit.

Even though I was sexy, I didn't dare to expose my beauty as the idiotic hair threads peep out of my wear. They may be only 1mm, but I don't want even that much hairs to peep out of my Brazilian wear.

I want to be sexy too! I was just trying the hair removal creams techie on my first Brazilian trip. But an awful thing is the ingrown hairs came quick and I can't bear the dirty smell of hair removal cream. So I switched to the trendy and best epilation techie in my Brazilian lines too!

Wearing a Brazilian thread doesn't matter, but glowing as best Brazilian beauty is the mean to me. So I want perfect epilation right from my face to toe, that is my entire skin.

Not only the front but also back look must be epilated for wearing Brazilian thread. Once if all done with epilation, then damn sure I am a SEXY LADY too! But the cost for epilating to the Brazilian outfit is too much, so I just tried in my shower and this gave me a better experience.

I am going to share all my experience in the shower on epilating for my Brazilian, So please would weirdo's freak out of my blog! You princess may stay, I will welcome you with red carpet.

I will pick the best epilator for Brazilian on checking out these!


However, as I am an epilation engineer, I would pick the epilators for my body depending on the specific reasons. I will now list the expectations for my Brazilian wear epilator.

  • Wet/dry usage.
  • Cordless, so that I am comfortable in epilating my bikini lines.
  • Tweezers with hypo allergic blades.
  • It would be nice if there is an antimicrobial shield to be perfectly hygiene and get rid of razor bumps.
  • The number of tweezers must be fewer when I epilate my sensitive bikini lines.
  • I will be happy enough if I could epilate with a single device from head to toe for my Brazilian outfit.
  • The cleaning brush is mandatory for sanitary reasons.
  • The epilator must suit both soft skins as well as coarse hair areas.
  • The epilation should be as perfect that only up to 0.5mm of hairs are permissible by me and it must be long lasting too! Maybe 3-4 weeks.
  • If these above expectations are satisfied, I could pay up to $100.

If these above expectations are satisfied, I could pay up to $100.

I am using these three epilators for my hot Brazilian thread. It just works upon my expectations and now I will share the shower experience with these epilator's to you, princess.

Sure, you already will be aware on how to use the epilator in the bikini lines and without boring you too much, let's go through the products. If at all any doubts on usage, I am here!

Panasonic ES-ED90-P:


This is my most favourite epilator for Brazilian wear as I can use it from my head to toe. I am not that much crazy to epilate in my head, I would start with my face.

This epilator stick is awesome in epilating the most sensitive areas like face & bikini lines. I am too soft like baby skin and so I would dare to use this epilator as I can adjust the head of the epilator according to my need.

This stick includes 6 other attachments to epilate my whole skin without any thread hairs. Also, this stick is adorable and grippe to hold for my entire epilation session.

The ES-ED 90 P epilator can be enjoyed in my shower for a better experience in epilation session. As I told you only on shower we wouldn't feel the pain of epilation and sure there will not be any red bumps also.

This epilator stick comes on duo speed and hence on scary areas I would adhere on first speed itself, I am not a Mary Kom when it comes to my skin. This stick is also well suited for my pedicure kit.

I have been too happy that this stick possesses 48 hypo allergenic tweezers to make my hygiene and protected while epilating on my bikini lines.

This epilator would suit for both my coarse and sensitive hairs. The one more thing is it's easy to look at my epilation analysis as there is built-in LED light. Obviously, this stick has a washable head for sanitary reasons.

I can epilate from my head to toe, most importantly without pain, so for sure I would pay this even $100, but some princess may think it's not affordable. Also, one more con is that the operation time is only 30 minutes even if we charge for 1 hour.


  • Hypoallergenic blades to safeguard the bikini lines irritations.
  • Epilation from face to toe with the single epilator.
  • Fast and perfect epilation for Brazilian threads.
  • Built in LED light.
  • Long lasting up to 3-4 weeks.
  • Wet / dry usage.
  • Rechargeable/ cordless, easy to epilate bikini lines with comfy.


  • Maybe the cost is not affordable.
  • Operation time is only 30 minutes by charging 1 hour.

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator - 36:


This emjoi epilator stick also cleans up my bikini lines, legs, underarms perfectly for being hot in Brazilian threads. There are 36 gold plated hypoallergenic tweezers which protect irritations and red bumps in my bikini lines.

When I wear my Brazilian, if there are any red bumps, sure it would look awkward from skin tone. So I don't want any panic or guilty situations, particularly in Brazilian wear.

This epilator stick is awesome that it completely fewer my epilation sessions in my bikini lines, underarms and legs. This stick's epilation lasts up to 5 weeks max and it epilates my skin up to 0.5mm of thready hairs.

The stick is too comfortable that I can use it both in a corded manner or cordless. I am comfy with cordless when I epilate in my bikini lines, underarms, and legs.

I don't want to trot the whole home by showing that I am going to epilate, it's my beauty secret. This stick serves as a physician who can shield me with antimicrobial protection shield for allergies and irritations.

In the winter season, my skin tone would be too soft and so would prefer this stick on epilating my sensitive areas. Also, for a sensitive princess like me the device is patented to remove pain from epilation session.

This emjoi stick also includes a cleaning brush and scrubber for sanitary reasons. But the cons about the stick is there are no protective caps for facial hair removal, no built in lightings, only dry usage.

This stick may be embedded with pure gold but my face is a diamond for me!


  • 36 hypo allergenic tweezers.
  • Antimicrobial protective shield.
  • Suits well in bikini lines, legs and underarms.
  • Cleaning brush is available.
  • Does the task perfectly for sensitive areas.
  • Long lasting epilation and cuts up to 0.5mm of thready hairs.
  • Cordless/ Rechargeable/ Corded usage.


  • Dry usage.
  • No built in lightings.
  • Price may not be affordable.
  • There are no special protective caps for facial hair removal.

Philips HP6401:


Last but not least, here's the best merchant guy of the epilators for women. This guy is the best seller of the epilator due to the affordable price as well as the best epilation experience.

I don't need to explain more about the guy as there is more than 3000 satisfied princesses for this guy. I will just tell you my experience with this best merchant.

This guy meets my expectations by price as well as epilation. This sati nelle cuts my thread hairs up to 0.5 mm with 21 hypo allergenic tweezers. This epilator guy can be used in wet as well as dry usage.

So, I need no time for cleaning my shed hairs from tweezers. When I epilate my bikini lines, sensitive areas and face, I would nail the efficiency cap for best results without pain.

Even though this guy is corded, due to its lengthy wire, I could drag it up to my convenience for bikini lines epilation.

This merchant guy is also ergonomically to fit perfectly in my hands for entire epilation session. I adjust the duo speed of the epilator stick according to my teen curves.

I am a girl, hence so much of curves and even hairpin bends in my body, which makes me hot and horsy in Brazilian thread. So this merchant guy is perfectly affordable as well as does the task timely.

If you princess look for very low price than this, for sure you would get pain and red bumps in the skin. I don't want you to see with discomfort in Brazilian thread.

I don't want the guilt's and negative feelings in any princess while wearing Brazilian. The only con is there are no built-in lightings.


  • Affordable price.
  • Duo speed.
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • 21 Hypoallergenic blades.
  • Wet/ dry usage.
  • Corded but with lengthy wire.
  • Cuts off thread hairs up to 0.5mm.
  • Suits for the coarse and soft skin.


  • No built in lightings.

Step out with confidence and enjoy the Brazilian threads at comfy:

Sure, you would better epilate without pain from head to toe with these better epilators. I would feel too hot if you share your sexy and comfy moments on your dating trips with Brazilian threads!

Sure, you would have best Brazilian threads selfies with your BF, let your best secret friend know the best snap moments!

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