Best epilator for face to glow flawlessly as a celebrity! Boom the world!

Best epilator for face: Secret and enjoying moments! Pluck the root hairs!


"I could shut my entire body, but not this tiny face." Hence, including me, all women should epilate the facial hairs without deterring the epithelium tissues.

Also, even if we get dressed with $1000 worth clothing, the ugly face with hairy patches seems awkward. But, ten minutes of epilation with best epilator for face could make us glow like Aurora sky, Monalisa painting, Wonder women or princess like you!

We may wear bikini or jean, it's not the matter but the sexy body with a hairy face would look awkward. I am going to tell you about our beauty secrets and hence no men should reveal these.

Already the men are kidding us that make-up only makes women beautiful. So don't make your hubby kid! Let's talk about the facial epilation!

Distinct epilation:


However, all the women wouldn't have soft hairless skin. So we must groom our face without hairy patches accordingly. Many of us would have soft skin because it's women natural skin tone.

These soft skin princess may epilate their eyebrows, upper lips, side burns and forehead alone. Even I belong to your class soft princess.

Some women would be worried that you have coarse hairs which are rough and spoil your beauty. Don't think you're ugly with hairy patches, think as if you're like a brave man.

This excess hair growth may be due to your healthy body condition and excess of vitamins. I will give you the best epilator for face to make you glow like an aurora sky! Just use facial epilators!

Why must you use the best epilator for face?

Why must you use the Facial Epilators

I will be scary at times when other's touch my skin to pluck the hair. It's very painful when the hairs are plucked at arms and legs, then how about face? It's really unbearable.

If other's do this facial hair removal, damn sure the beauticians get frustrated. I face these problems and scary feelings on facial hair removals in the spa.

  • I can't bear the pain of waxy hair removal strips, particularly in the face
  • My face is the most precious beauty of me and doesn't want other ladies to spoil that
  • Without facial hair removals, the creams and make-up accessories would never last for a long span.
  • Some professionals are quite awesome, but others are not up to my need. My insight is that I look awesome when my eyebrows are perfectly shaped, but the pro's make it thin or broad.
  • Threading makes my skin left with dark red bumps and it looks weird when I leave the spa! It just looks like burnt red hot princess out of the bowl with tears.
  • Moreover, I can't tell them to correct the left out hairs in the face. It's very delicate.
  • I am not satisfied with the money paid for one-time facial hair removal. It just grows after one or two weeks

Sure, all princess would have the same feelings. Even if we wear clothing's grand, just a facial hair removal will make our face glow and we could stand out from other princess.

Sure, your hubby or boyfriend would peep you continuously at least for 5 minutes as he can't resist from looking at you.

How to use facial epilators?


I would suggest the vertical facial epilators where the tweezers are located at sides. This epilator would never cause pain while removing the facial hairs.

You're going to use these devices at your face and hence the best epilator for face is must. Now I will tell you how to use the facial epilators.

  • First, pick the best epilator for face which is suited for your skin whether it's peach or coarse.
  • Check the epilator by running it
  • Set the minimum speed of the epilator while using for facial hair removal.
  • Wash the face with plain water and rinse it with a towel. Start epilation after the skin is dry.
  • Then hold the epilator along the side of the skin you have to pluck the root hairs. Maybe 80-90 degree slant.
  • Gently move upwards from the chin to face where you have to remove the root hairs. Be choosy with vertical epilators having tweezers at sides while facial hair removals.
  • Hold the face with your hand, so that the princess wouldn't gain pain and red bumps.
  • While you use the epilator for upper lip hair removal and threading alone, then use the spring type tweezers.

At this moment, you princess would know how, why to use the facial epilators and make the baby skinned face.

Also, now only I remember these facial epilators are not only for teenagers but also for you mothers. You should also obviously use the facial epilators to kiss your babies with soothed face.

Preparations for epilation:

Are you scared to epilate your face that it would harm?

I have noticed many girls squeaking while placing the epilators or waxing strips on their skin. This goes well for me too. I never leave anyone to keep their bloody hands on my face and hence need a best epilator for face. Here're the 3 best facial epilators for 2016!

Hangsun 5 in 1 facial hair removal epilator:


I have just bought this Hangsun 5 in 1 facial hair removal epilator. It's just episome for all the princess, I think so. I want the princess to be trendy and flawless. Undoubtedly this works for both peach and coarse hair princess.

This 5 in 1 Hangsun guy sticks completely within our hands and gives no pain as our boyfriend or hubbies! Shhhh no more deep discussions about our secrets! I will tell you more about this trendy brand new epilator which may be the best epilator for face.

This Hangsun guy is slim and fit as all the princess. It's handy and I am comfortable with this new launch to my facial hair removal. The Hangsun guy looks similar to iphone 7 which is slim, sleek and perfectly groomed for our grooming needs.


This guy includes 5 accessories for epilation out of which for facial epilation we must use the facial hair removal cap and facial cleaning brush to groom our face.

It also includes lady shave, pedicure hard skin remover(Especially for coarse hair princess), massage roller. This guy would epilate even from our head to toe with distinct accessories. It's a powerful facial epilator.

Is this affordable? Yes, of course, it's worth of paying $38.99. Instead of waiting for appointments in the spa for bikini line area and facial epilation with scary feelings of pain, just a 5 in 1 Hangsun guy can fit your handbag which is the most secret prop of us.

This can also relieve you from stresses by the help of massage roller. Hangsun is also rechargeable and no more trotting for the battery to groom your tiny face.

Hangsun suits well for sensitive skin beauties and leaves no pain or red bumps on the skin. This guy would better epilate even in my .... (please don't reveal about my beauty secrets) armpit, bikini lines and so on.

This is trendy and just fits for every dating trips of mine! Even more specific, I can hide this Hangsun guy when my boyfriend peeps! Just try it for your dating trips by checking the price to get the baby face!


  • Suits for peach face, coarse or sensitive skin.
  • Leaves no red bumps.
  • Epilates from head to toe.
  • Trims hair up to 0.5mm.


  • You can never go for other epilators after using this Hangsun 5 in 1 guy.

Braun Face 830 - mini facial epilator:


Brauny guy is my previous facial epilation device. This is best suited for a sensitive princess. You may pick this for facial epilation, but this would be my pick only for face not for the entire bikini lines.

Because we would have coarse hairs on under arms, legs and bikini lines, so you princess must pick this especially for facial hair removals.

Brauny is slim, fit in hands to comfortably use. This guy can epilate you perfectly in the forehead, eyebrows, upper lips, chin and side faces.

Brauny can make you glow flawlessly with a soft face. I mean shiny face. Brauny has less number of tweezers specially designed for facial epilation's and so I deny it on my bikini lines, underarms, legs.

This epilator guy comes with cleaning brush to weep off the hairs shed. However, this guy makes me free from facial epilation for more than 3-4 weeks.

Hence, I would take him with my make-up accessories as this perfectly fits in it. Without epilating, the creams would never be set for long party times. So it was just in my make-up accessories kit.

If you're stepping out for party sessions and celebrations, then this Brauny could fit with your grooming accessories.


  • Removes facial coarse hairs and the epilation lasts for a long time.
  • Weeds peach, sensitive faces for epilation.
  • Less number of tweezers to make the facial epilation painless.


  • Can't be utilised for bikini lines and coarse hairs epilation.
  • Battery life is less, it may be for two or three months.
  • Refill should be separately purchased

Bellabe Spring:


If my boyfriend irresistibly fetches for party or celebrations and have no time to make-up then, I would pick bellable spring and use it for just five minutes to make me a celebrity.

Celebrations would be full of celebrities and me too, hence just a quick facial grooming can be done with ballable spring.

Instead of using the hair removal creams and epilators and wait for facial hair removal, I hold this like U and unfold this spring in hairy areas like upper lip, eyebrows, chins and side faces.


If you think that may I really need to spend $14.99 on a spring, I deny this. Because without shiny upper lips and shaped eyebrows, facial creams and powders would never glow for a long span.

We are going for a party or celebration weekend and we may not be sure of the timing it would wind up, at this circumstance a bellable can give you hands.

I have noticed many princess glooming at the start of celebrations, but being shut their faces at last snaps of the celebrations due to bad makeup sense. I don't want this to happen for you too!

Just check out the bellable spring which helps you to perfect shaping of eyebrows and removing upper lip hairs. But, I warn you after appropriate usage throw this and buy a new one.

For peach face princess, 3-4 usages and coarse hair princess should use only for 2-3 times for sanitary reasons. As the shed hairs adhere inside the spring tweezers and hence leaves abnormal odors.


  • Pro for eyebrow shaping and upper lip hair removal.
  • Takes less time for hair removal.
  • Easy to handle.


  • Should replace often.
  • Not for bikini lines and other areas.
  • Maximum usage is less than epilators.

Wrap up to facial epilation:

Sure for next time you step out, your face would gloom like celebrities with my suggestions on best epilator for face. Could I get all your autographs before you become a popular celebrity in my blog on comments area?

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