Best epilator reviews for women: Break shy of root hairs from your skin!

Best epilator reviews for women: Ready to pluck off hairs on princess!


"I ensure that you too are miss epilators, once you're all done with epilator reviews." This is an interesting segment of epiltors as all princess would love to read gossips on other's reviews, will you make me too as member of the session!

Sure, I hope that my best secret friend would join with me! Let's become engineer's on epilator. I am always trendy and would adhere to new launch best epilators.

So here is the most important epilator hair removal reviews of your best secret as well as dirty friend! We may now research on our project of the year, "Best epilator reviews 2016."

I am too lazy and hence will research only on top 5 best epilator reviews. I know that we princess are quite smart and would pick the best reviewed product within these 5 epilators.

Just hold my hands in our project of the year. I am now going to swim in the technical world with my favorite best epilator for Brazilian bikini outfit!

Top 5 best epilator reviews for princess!

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579:


This brauny epilator stick is most branded as well as smooth for epilation sessions. This stick can be used both in wet as well as dry epilation.

I would always adhere in using this stick in shower as I can epilate without pain. This brauny stick has 40% wider head and hence epilates my skin very fast with only a max of two passes of tweezing.

This brauny stick suits well for facial hair removal as well as my coarse hair areas like under arms, legs and so on. In sensitive areas, for safety reasons, I would attach the facial cap and epilate gently.

This epilator stick is easy to hold as it includes micro grip technology with 40 tweezers. This stick is cordless and would recharge it for one hour and would hide it in my hand bag while I am on trips.

The brauny 9 series also has 7 accessories on which it's worth of paying the high price. But would be more better if there are built in lightings to check out my left out root hairs.

I was excited that this brauny stick epilates up to 0.5mm of my root hairs and lasts for more than 2-3 weeks. This stick epilates as well as relieve me from stress with the massage head.

Also, when I epilate in bikini lines, I would take 20 minutes with this silky smooth braun stick, which is the most speedy according to my epilation experience. Let's list the pros and cons of this braun stick and its epilator reviews.


  • Weeds well for the siky smooth beauties and hasty busy women.
  • Vanishes the root hairs up to 0.5mm.
  • Works well in facial & bikini lines too!
  • Fastest epilation.


  • No built in lightings.
  • Prices are too high!

Remington EP7030:


It's no need to explain about this guy to you princess in the world of epilators. I know that all princess would have heard about this Remington brand of epilator reviews. This Remington is the most professional brand in epilation hair removal session.

This epilator stick is 100% water proofed and hence you princess can epilate by enjoying in the shower too! This epilator stick is cordless and no more recharging with husky musky fights from your boyfriend's iphone.

I will epilate with this Remington stick at the financial year ends as I am wrecked completely in my business world. Sure, this guy lasts for more than six weeks without any needs to epilate my skin.

This Remington stick includes distinct heads like precision cap and massage cap too. The precision cap is for my sensitive areas like facial and some line with tough areas.

This epilator stick is easily washable and would maintain this stick very clean for later use. This epilator stick has 40 tweezers which is suitable for coarse hair as well as peach hair areas in my body.

Also, this stick has 2 years of warranty and which makes me excited. This stick is less than one full leg hair removal session in spa, so readily I would invest my beauty secret on this stick for epilation.

This stick can be adjusted in duo speeds according to the area on which I epilate. This epilator stick also has detailed lightings to completely vanish my root hairs. I am going to list the folds and unfolds of this Remington epilator reviews.


  • Perfect pro brand for epilation.
  • Epilates even for coarse hairs.
  • Wet/dry usage.
  • Precision cap and massage roller as extras. Massaging cap is with Aloe vera.
  • Detail lightings.
  • Lasts for about5-6 weeks. Cuts off hairs up to 0.5mm. Epilates from face to legs.
  • Rechargeable/ cordless11.
  • 2 years of warranty.


  • Price is moderate.
  • Some princess think this stick as painful.

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator:


Do you think I am horsy? Always searching for epilators! No, I am just trying to become too horsy like celebrities! In all seasons, whether it may be winter or summer, I need to epilate my root hairs to be confident among my folks.

Even though I am sick with some allergies or fever, I can't leave my root hairs as it is. Also, I don't want these bad infected ingrown hair, I have to pluck these idiots who are peeping in my skin.

So in these circumstances at which high degree of hygienic epilator is required, I would pick this as this stick is having the anti microbial shield to make my feverish epilation better.

This stick is patented with 36 hypo allergic tweezer blades which are pure gold plated. This stick is excellent for removing the hairs in legs, underarms, bikini lines and the most important part is no pain or red bumps when handled properly.

This guy is too richy in outlook and is grippe in hands for epilation sessions, particularly in legs, underarms and so on. Cuts off the root hairs in my body up to 0.5mm and lasts for long span.

I won't dare to epilate my face with this stick as this possesses 36 gold plated tweezers and no caps to fix for facial area. I know that my face wouldn't be perfect with pimples or red bumps. Without boring you too much with this stick let's talk about merits, demerits and emjoi epilator reviews.


  • Protects the skin with antimicrobial shield.
  • 36 gold plated tweezers.
  • Particularly for sensitive areas with allergic issues.
  • Long lasting epilation session and plucks off up to 0.5mm.
  • Best epilator reviews for legs, under arms.


  • I am not daring to use this stick in my face.
  • No lightings.

[5 in 1] Hangsun Facial Epilator F510:


This is my present favourite and trendy epilator with the most affordable price for epilation need right from my face to toe. The most special thing about this hangsun stick is, this is 5 in 1.

I have just ordered this epilator and using it from the start of September. I can specially epilate my face and sensitive areas with facial cap and cleaning brush.

I will jump out at bath tub and by singing my favourite songs I would epilate my skin. This stick epilates as perfect as high cost brands up to 0.5mm.

I suggest this epilator stick to all princess who look for low-range price and attachments. This stick also relieves me from stresses with massage head. Also, pedicure hard skin hair remover cap enables my legs epilation more faster as well as leaves no red marks or pain in my skin.

This epilator stick is rechargeable and I have this beauty secret always in my accessories bag. This stick is too hygienic that there is no shed hairs after epilation and if at all there, I would rarely attach the cleaning brush.

If I am using this epilator within one week, I would attach the trim head and epilate as there is only less number of root hairs to epilate.

This stick also reduced my wrinkles on the face by massaging. The only con is that it's not lighted, but I could better site things and so I don't require it. I think this may be one of epilator with the best epilator reviews 2016 at the end of the year.


  • Trendy and affordable price with all attachments.
  • Makes the epilation last for long span and takes off root hairs till 0.5mm faster & better.
  • Painless epilation.
  • Cordless/ easy to travel with.
  • 5 distinct usage and massages perfectly to shape wrinkles.
  • Suits for both coarse hair as well as sensitive hair epilation without any harm.
  • Best epilator for face to bikini lines.


  • No lightings.

Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator:


Probably, you princess while entering the world of epilators would know about this best merchant of epilators. Obviously, this is the best selling epilator, my wild guess is maybe due to the great affordable price.

This epilator stick is affordable as well as does the task perfectly. Before I was using this epilator when I am not too crazy on using the epilator stick. This stick can epilate the face and sensitive bikini lines with protective cap without pain.

This stick is suited for both of my peach and coarse hair regions, as it includes 21 hypo allergic blades. The hypo allergic blades make me free from allergies and red bumps.

You may think that whether I had never felt the pain of red bumps? My answer is, me too had felt the pain and red bumps, but only at start up of epilation techie. Once you princess have mastered up in epilation, then sure you would never feel any irritations in any regions including bikini lines.

This stick is made of duo speed for distinct sensitive areas and angles. This epilator is ergonomically designed not to cause pain for the princess and to fit perfectly in hands.

This stick is awesome in epilating multiple hairs at same time. Also, this stick is easily washable with water and adjusts better to my clean habits. So the only con is there is no built in lights.


  • Best seller with affordable price.
  • Epilates with 21 hypo allergic tweezers.
  • Sanitary for usage.
  • Trendy and ergonomic.
  • Weeds for both peach and coarse hair areas.
  • Protective caps for sensitive areas.


  • No built in lightings.

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