Best epilator from head to toe for secret epilation needs!

Best Epilator! Uproot the root hairs from head to toe!


"Epilation is not a beauty secret, but the shelter for women to boom the world!" I think you princess would be aware of all hair removal techie.

But the good thing about this epilation techie is these guys equates our $100 worth facial or bikini lines hair removal from beauty spa.

Also, more important thing is the epilator costs only 10% of our whole body hair removal session in spa. If you princess doesn't find about "What is epilator?", I have helped you.

I don't mind the price of the epilator even it's more than $100, as I can feel secured while I epilate my skin. Moreover, damn sure I can epilate for more than a year with the same epilator.

So I feel it's worth investing money on epilators particularly in best epilator for Brazilian bikini, which I can utilise in different ways even to facial hair removal. I don't need to search for best epilators for face, best epilators for underarms and so on.

I don't want to reveal all my hairy areas as some pervert boys may read this epilation secrets. Probably, you princess could better understand my hairy areas without getting in to the names.

Why you need the best epilator from face to legs?


In my aspect, the best epilators for face is the most important segment in hair removal session. I don't want even a pimple in my face, will I accept red bumps after epilation.

So this can be successful only with best facial epilator. Also, the same facial epilator will not be apt while I am epilating on my under arms and legs.

But the good news regarding the epilation techie to all princess is I have found the top 5 best epilators for face, Brazilian, under arms, legs with a single device according to different skin tone.

Prior to entering in to best epilator for hair removal and their reviews, I would help you to choose the epilator according to your need.

How to pick the best epilator according to your need?


While you ask me to pick the best epilators for facial hair, sure, I would deny the dollars. Because it's my face which is more pretty and tiny too!

But, I would afford even $100 for the epilators if they have vanished my root hairs from face to toe without any red bumps. Here's the checklist which you have to mark before buying an epilator depending upon your need.

  • I will first look at the number of tweezers depending upon the area at which I epilate. If I epilate in my face, I would select the best facial epilator as the one with less than 10 tweezers.
  • My first checklist will be x mark, if I want epilator for coarse hair areas like under arms, legs, arms. I would pick the best epilator for legs and underarms by selecting more than 40 number of tweezers.
  • If I want to vanish the root hairs from Bikini area, then I would check out for the efficiency or sensitive caps to fewer the number of tweezers.
  • I would look out whether there is a cleaning brush or washable head for sanitary reasons.
  • I would check the epilator device for both wet and dry usage to enjoy painless epilation in my shower.
  • Whether the epilator is corded or cordless, how long can the epilator work on my need? will be my next question on selecting the best epilators for women.
  • I always love to have additional accessories and so I would look at the number of accessories for its different usage.
  • Soft tweezers with hypo allergic blades are required for my epilation in sensitive areas.
  • The last but not least selection checklist for epilator is that it must be one of the best epilator brand.

So, now you may jump down to choose the best epilator reviews of Aura from miss epilator! You princess must be choosy while picking the epilator for your epilation needs according to your skin tone.

If you think I am crazy about epilators, then damn sure, you have understood a lot of Aura than her parents and folks!

Top 5 best epilators for women or "Beautiful princess"!

Philips HP6401:


Philips satinelle is the best epilator for women and most of the princess adhere due to its most affordable price. Also, I was using this epilator in my hard financial times.

It's quite pretty and saves me from skin allergies by possessing the 21 hypo allergic tweezers. If I want to epilate my pretty face with this I would fix the protective cap and would glow flawlessly in my party sessions.

I will share you my secret, but don't reveal it to my BF. Also, I should epilate in my legs, underarms and bikini lines while I step out for dating.

For these beauty secrets too, this philips HP6401 helps me with great price of only $.., any wild guesses princess? may be $50-60.

Now you can soothe your boyfriend by getting best epilator seller with only $31. Oh my god! Is this affordable for whole body epilation, yes of course!

This HP 6401 guy is corded and has a long wire, so that I can epilate and dance throughout my bath tub. Also, this epilator stick has two speeds which I can adjust according to coarse and sensitive areas.

I would use my shhh areas, with only first speed, probably you too princess! No, hastiness in sensitive areas! Fix the protective cap and epilate in secret and sensitive areas.

So, I would proudly tell you that all the other princess has voted the HP 6401 with best epilator reviews.


  • Absolutely affordable price.
  • Can epilate from face to toe.
  • Corded but lengthy wire.
  • Easily washable.
  • 21 hypo allergic blades for sensitive skin too.


  • No built in lightings.

Hangsun 5 in 1 F510:

I own this guy as he is trendy and new launch. He is my new boy friend who helps me out in my epilation sessions. I vote him as one of the best epilators for facial hair removal.

I would always take great care and time to epilate my face. This guy make it quick, just by fixing the facial hair removal cap with less number of tweezers.

Also, I use the facial cleaning brush after epilating my face to clean up the shed hair. He is awesome for epilating my face and leaves no red bumps or pain in my face or any other sensitive areas of my body.

Do you know the 5 in 1 Hangsun guy also relieves me from stresses by fixing the massage roller. I often use this massage cap, if I had husky- musky fights with my boy friend.

Hence, I will switch on to the use of Hangsun boy friend if my friend make me frustrated. I could epilate even in my toe with pedicure hard skin remover and would use it in under arms too! This guy is completely trendy and sleek as my iphone and could fit best in my hands.

I would suggest the baby skinned princess to choose this epilation guy for your session, and he is completely worth of paying $38.99! Shocked, right?

Of course, he is worth and can take it even to your dating, travel trips as he is cordless. Lets' tabulate the pros and cons.


  • 5 in 1 device for all epilation needs.
  • Causes no pain as well as red bumps.
  • Excellent massage roller to relieve from stress.
  • Vanishes the root hairs up to 0.5mm.
  • Trendy and handy to use.
  • Takes all the dead hard hairs from toe too!


  • No built-in lightings, but I can better glance, so no problem.

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator - 36:


Emjoi soft caress guy is my most secret epilator. I use this emjoi guy particularly in bikini lines, under arms, legs. This guy is gold plated with 36 hypo allergic tweezers.

He doesn't cause any allergies or irritations in bikini lines. So I left my allergic issues with him and hence I am a bit relieved from the sensitive areas irritations and red bumps. This emjoi guy help me put to enjoy my dating trips with great comfy. 

One more happy thing about this emjoi guy, is he can be used both in corded and cordless. If I am on travel I will charge the emjoi and take it to trip.

But, if I am in home, I will use it by cording the epilator from bath tub. This emjoi guy protects me with antimicrobial shield, so no more scary feelings in my bikini lines epilation.

This emjoi guy epilates up to 0.5mm and I will not touch any epilators in my bikini lines up to six weeks, quite long lasting and relieved from this task right! I vote this emjoi guy as best epilator for Brazilian bikini lines hair removal. 


  • Emjoi possess 36 gold plated hypo allergic tweezers.
  • Shield our skin with antimicrobial action.
  • Long lasting bikini lines epilation.
  • Best epilator for bikini lines.
  • Corded as well as cordless.


  • Doesn't weed to facial epilation.
  • No built in lightings.

Panasonic ES-ED90-P:


I was using this epilator when I was getting my first salary from the office. This epilator stick is quite high in price but this guy's made me irresistible with his handsome outlook and so I got this epilator stick.

He is pink coloured and too handy to fit in my hands for hiding it in front of my BF. I would often take this epilator stick particularly in winter season when my skin is frozen and sensitive.

This guy is too fast as he epilates all my root hairs before I pass them once. This guy also cuts my root hairs up to 0.5mm.

This guy could give me best results when I regularly epilate once in two or three weeks. This guy works absolutely well when my skin turns soft and sensitive. Also, he snaps out differently 6 attachments.

This Panasonic guy is made of hypo allergic blades and hence I would epilate in my legs, arms, under arms and tough bikini lines too! He can be switched between my wet shower as well as dry epilation sessions.

I would vote this guy as best epilator for sensitive and baby skinned princess. This guy is affordable and best for sensitive skin princess.

If you're already suffering from allergic issues, don't spend too much for medications by selecting the low price epilators. You can better epilate with this guy by switching to dual speeds.

If you epilate in coarse hair area, then fix high speed to make epilation only in maximum of two passes. Most probably, I would epilate only with first speed in facial hair removal sessions and bikini lines epilation.

But the only disappointment with this guy is he operates for only 30 minutes, even if I charge him for 1 hour. Sure, this guy would epilate as fast before the operating time, if you are punctual in epilating the root hairs.


  • Handy and adorable to use.
  • Best epilator for sensitive women.
  • 6 attachments for distinct epilation needs.
  • Epilation lasts up to 3-4 weeks.
  • Dual adjustable speeds.
  • Fixed with hypo allergic tweezers.
  • Built in lightings.


  • Operating time is less than other epilators.
  • Price is in mid range.

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579:

This brauny guy is the professional epilator which I adhere when stepping out for parties with celebrities. When I am stepping out for party sessions with celebrities, I must equate their glow and beauty.

Also, my voting to this brauny guy is best epilator brand and he has good name among princess particularly as braun facial epilator. This braun epilator's new launch is trendy and has best outlook.

This guy is too professional with all epilation needs and hence his price is too high. But, obviously this price is only a bit in whole hair removal packages in spa.

So instead of entering the spa and spending thousands of dollar to epilate my body from facial hair removal to bikini lines epilation I would braun epilator hair removal techie.

He weeds perfect to both sensitive and coarse hair princess. Also, he has 40% wider head than other epilators and enters our home with 7 of his soul friends.

The guy's friends too help my epilation sessions with different angles and areas. This brauny guy can be used in my bath tub as well as in dry naked sessions if nobody is in my home.

This guy is rechargeable and once if I charge him for 1 hour with current, he would help me out by exhausting his energy in my epilation for 40 minutes.

This brauny can be used in distinct parts of my body like legs, underarms, face, chin and bikini lines with silky epilation. But this guy doesn't compromise cutting my root hairs, he is silky but up roots till 0.5mm.

This guy helps me free from epilation for 3-4 weeks. But, to enjoy the epilation session I would epilate once in two weeks. Sure, if you want to be a celebrity, I would pick this for you princess!

Already, you're a princess so use the best epilator brand for painless epilation from head to toe!


  • Best epilator brand.
  • Epilates perfectly as professional.
  • Ingrown hairs are vanished up to 0.5mm.
  • Works as silky and is the best facial epilator.
  • Sanitary as it includes perfect cleaning brush
  • LED light.


  • Price is too high.
  • Battery chaos.

Enjoy a great comfy dating trip!

By this time, you would have decided "What is the best epilator?" according to your skin tone and epilation needs. Sure, if I am not comfy after the epilation, my dating or travel trips would be embarrassing!

After my discomfort feelings, I had helped you to experience painless epilation! My pains of epilation would deter if you share about your painless epilation session and great enjoying travel, dating trips!

Tell me if anyone gets autographs from you in the celebrity party sessions!

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