Pluck out Braun epilator black Friday deals! Gloom you 100% with 50% off!

Tug Braun epilator black Friday deals! Vanish root hairs with 50% off!


Want to groom yourself by saving your spouse dollars on this black Friday fire sale? Here's the Braun epilator best black Friday deals to make over you 100% with 50% off on every products!

Braun, a branded grooming kit provider for both men and women have now jumped into the wrestling ring of e-commerce on this black Friday fire sale. On 2016 Black Friday sale you can pluck out more deals on Braun brands right from the shaver to hair straightener. I am waiting for this Black Friday fire sale to grab my favorite epilators on Braun to groom myself to be hair free right from head to toe!

I have also planned to grab more epilator brands on this black Friday sale to offer the winning princess of my blogs contest! Best of luck for you to win the contest and grab the epilator from me! I am sorry for men, that I don't use any of your Braun products!

This Braun epilator review can make your Black Friday better as you can pick the right choice for your GF! Princess can now enjoy your Black Friday deals with these Braun epilators!

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579


This brauny guy of 9 series is the trendy and bonus product of epilators from the Braun brand. If I purchase this 9 series brauny guy, I can use it right from my head to toe with 7 distinct attachments. I will use the shaver head when I epilate in my under arms, legs and arms. But, this shaver head must be replaced by trimmer cap when my hair growth is less. Maybe I will use this trimmer head after my epilation to cut off the 0.5mm root hairs too!

I will nail the facial cap to epilate my facial hair as the facial cap can reduce the number of tweezer head in the epilator. Also, I would use the skin contact cap to roll down on my skin to make it silky smooth as the name of Braun! 

I can also relieve from stresses with the massage cap provided by this brauny guy. This guy can be dragged anywhere during my epilation session as this can be used cordless and in both wet, dry usage. This brauny guy makes my skin smoother for four weeks and makes me from frequent epilation sessions.

This guy can withstand my epilation session completely as he will have the operating time of 40 minutes. This brauny can make my epilation 4x times smoother with 40% wider head. This brauny guy also cleans my shed hairs with the cleaning brush head. Sure, this is a great deal for my grooming kit on this black Friday fire sale with 50% off on Braun 9 epilator! Now I would join 500+ princess of Braun 9 series review with this black Friday purchase!

I am going to bookmark this products in my cart to buy it on the black Friday deal. Sure, you princess would also save your BFs money at least 50% on this black Friday deals!

Braun Face 830 - Mini-Facial Electric Hair Removal Epilator


Some sensitive princess would feel delicate to use the epilators in the facial hair. For you princess this my pick particularly for facial hair removal session. This brauny guy is perfectly suitable for facial grooming as the tweezers are at the side face of the epilator. This can make your facial grooming perfect. You can just draw the tweezers adjacent to the facial hair on the eyebrows, chin, sideburns and the forehead in the dry usage.

With the facial cleaning brush provided in the epilation kit of Braun, you can easily wipe off the shed hairs on the face before you step out for party or dating trip. This facial cleansing is better than the normal cleansing with face wash creams.

However, you can daringly use the brauny guy in your face even if you are a sensitive princess like me as they have taken great care to engineer this facial epilator.

They are the world's first to introduce the facial epilator and the dermatologists have tested with the sensitive skin. In my own experience this facial epilator provides the HD face even in front of cams without even the root hairs.

This is the refill system and hence no more charging of the epilators before your grooming secret. You can finish off the facial epilation and check over with the lighted mirror provided in the grooming kit of brauny guy. Get the HD face in all party sessions with black Friday 50% off on this world's first facial epilator provider!

Venus Silk-expert IPL BD 5008


If you are a busy princess with no time for hair removal often? Then here's the permanent hair removal techie which is approved by FDA for your skin.

You can use this brauny IPL guy to play with your root hairs. Of course, I would not advise you princess to use this in bikini lines, but this can be used as a permanent hair removal techie in your underarms, legs and other areas. But , please avoid the IPL(Intense Pulse Light) in bikini lines hair removal.

The brauny guy is engineered with safer IPL techie for your hair removal session with unique Sensoadapt techie too. Hence this can be used at home for your epilation session and can vanish your root hairs permanently without any harm. But know the perfect usage guide for laser hair removal method and then start your session!

You can pluck out the entire root hairs on the arms, legs and underarms with just 10 minutes each within 3 months. No more laser glasses, cartridges for your eyes with this brauny IPL guy. You can easily finish off the hair removal session as this IPL guy passes 12000 flashes per touch.

If you are in hasty to remove the hair, then you can use the gliding mode to make over the epilation faster. After the hair removal session, shed hairs with skin can be removed by cleaning brush. 100+ of your folks have tried this Braun IPL guy to make them hair free.

Why not you also stay hair free with this 50% off black Friday fire sale on Braun products?

Silk-épil Lady Shaver - 5160


Even though the hair removal session has improved a lot some princess would stick to the shavers on some sensitive areas like biki lines. Even I would suggest the shaver epilation for painless bikini lines hair removal. Hence here is my cart for black Friday on this Braun shaver.

This brauny shaver guy comes with 3 more attachments to our hand. This brauny guy can epilate our bikini lines secretly with the bikini trimming attachment. This brauny guy has rounded ends to curdle over the princess body curves. So this guy stays perfect for my bikini lines epilation. Obviously, this guy can be used in both wet and dry usage which is perfect for painless epilation under shower.

You can take this brauny guy anywhere as he works with only 2 AA batteries. So this is a cordless guy who can give best companionship for our trips with hair removal sessions. Of course, you princess must have the patience to shave once in two days to make your skin hair free. Start shaving your skin with this brauny guy by saving your spouse dollars with 50% off on black Friday fire sale!

Enjoy the Black Friday shopping bonanza with Brauny guy!

Sure, by this time you princess and prince would have picked the best Braun epilator deals for this black Friday sale! If you guys have any doubts, please let me know on the comments page below. I am here to help you guys to pick the best epilator on the Braun brand on this black Friday deals!

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