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Best Ingrown Hair products | Stop irritations right now with organic serum!

Oh, God! It's pricking! Ingrown hairs are always a matter of irritation. You will always experience pain or some discomfort while someone is gently sliding through your hands or legs. The irritations are due to ingrown hairs. In this case, you will trot for best ingrown hair serum products to get rid of them.

Ingrown hairs are tough to search out from your skin, but in the lights, camera, and parties, for sure it's easy to find. Hence it's better to get rid of ingrown hairs before going out of your home. You don't know that in which moment you would take a selfie!

While talking about best ingrown hair serum products, for sure it must have some qualities and ingredients. Here are the things which you must look at the label and notifications before purchasing an ingrown hair serum!

best ingrown hair products

Best Ingrown Hair Serum Products- Must have facts!

Why do you need to pick the best ingrown hair products? Don't any normal ingrown hair serum will make the goal achieved? Sure, even normal ingrown hair serum will vanish your ingrown hairs. But, what about your skin? Using the low-quality ingrown hair serum will give rise to skin irritations, allergies, rashes and much more. Hence you must pick the best ingrown hair serum products to get rid of these tiny bushes.

Now let me tell you the necessary facts for purchasing best ingrown hair products!

  • It must be organic
  • Should be tested on laboratory on sensitive skin
  • Should moisturize your skin
  • Have enough water ingredients to hydrate your skin
  • Should not cause any skin rashes, irritations, allergies
  • You can use the serum to prevent razor bumps
  • It's better when you use ingrown hair serum before epilating, shaving, waxing or using depilatory creams.

While purchasing an ingrown hair serum look at the following facts on the product label and pick the best one suitable for your skin. You are going to use the ingrown hair serum as a moisturizer, before shave lotion, exfoliate. Hence it's better to choose the best one than a cheap one.

Many princesses is too sensitive and can get rashes, irritations on using the harsh chemicals on their skin. Hence I have chosen the best ingrown hair products which will weed perfectly to sensitive as well as coarse skin. Pick out the one which will be comfortable for you!

Tend Skin The Skin Care Solution Ingrown Hair Serum

Tend Skin Serum does not require a great review as there is 2650+ princess who speaks about its goodness. Yes, Tend skin ingrown hair serum is the best selling product and it satisfies 70% of its customer to 100%. 70% of the Tend Skin hair serum consumers rate it for 5 stars. Also, in my personal experience, it treats best for laser, epilation treatments.

I would recommend you to use the Tend hair serum before epilating your skin. As you apply the Tend hair serum, it removes the dander cells from your skin, and hence this exfoliation makes your skin great for shaving. While there are no ups and downs in your skin, you can easily close shave your skin, and sure, there would be no red bumps or irritations after shave.

You can use the Tend serum before shaving, epilating, waxing or tweezing your hairs. The Tend serum prevents the ingrown hair from your skin and also helps you get rid off irritations, allergies, rashes, bumps. You can use Tend hair serum before and after epilation.

Tend Hair Serum prevents hair bumps, redness, and irritation on your skin. Hence, I would recommend you to use before and after shave in all the parts of the body including bikini lines to prevent ingrown hair.

ingrown hair serum

Best ORGANIC Exfoliating Body Scrub

The organic exfoliating body scrub is one of the best-ingrown hair serum product which prevents hair bumps, redness, rashes. The organic exfoliating serum consists a mixture of ingredients like aloe vera, nourishing oils, sweet almond, 84+ minerals, Himalayan sea salt, organic essential oils, argon oils. Hence the organic exfoliating body scrub nourishes your skin and makes you shed the dander cells as you apply before bed.

You can use this organic exfoliating body scrub before bed on your routine schedule to experience the naturally glowing skin. The sweet almond, almond oil and nourishing oils in the serum can help your skins to breathe on their beats. As your skin cells take deep breathe in the night, the beauty hormones come out of your skin, and you would feel fresh, glowy, charismatic.

If you have any skin allergies, irritations, redness in the body, apply the organic exfoliating scrub to it. The organic scrub does the magic, and it vanishes all your skin irritations!

If you have queries about the quality of organic exfoliating scrub, then for sure, a 5-star rating of 730+ princess could vanish that!

Best ORGANIC Exfoliating Body Scrub

Kerah Lane Organic Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Formula

Kerah Lane serum is made in the USA and is one of the ingrown hair serum which offers you a full refund of money with 30 days on dissatisfaction. Quite a confident product, right?

Kerah Lane makes your skin with best ingredients and is purely organic which cause no irritations, rashes or allergies even on sensitive skin. No matter, you may use wax, tweeze, shave, epilate, depilatory creams, laser, electrolysis for removing your hair, before and after use of Kerah can prevent your skin from redness, irritations, rashes and much more allergic issues.

You can daringly use the Kerah Lane serum in pubic, area, bikini lines, armpit, face and other sensitive areas as they are made of organic ingredients.

Kerah Lane soothes your skin and rejuvenates the dander cells found in the face, arms, legs and other organs of your body. You can eliminate the acne, rashes, dead cells by applying Kerah Lane at everyday night before bed!

If you have no belief on me, then check out the five-star rating of 400+ consumers by clicking here!

Kerah Lane Organic Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Formula

Bang the ingrown hairs right now!

I have helped you a bit for picking the best ingrown hair product. Choose the one which suits your skin tone and use it before, after epilation for better results. Please note your pick on the comments page below and share your experience with the ingrown hair serum.

Share the ingrown hair products to your friends and make them confident!

How to exfoliate your legs naturally and get gorgeous legs on skirts?

How to exfoliate your legs naturally

"How to exfoliate your legs naturally?" Is this is the confusion ahead on your epilation sessions princess? Feeling yucky to search on Google or Yahoo for answers from the bath tub? No matter! You can read up quickly and vanish your dead cells as well as queries on exfoliation like a breeze!

Always, beauty is a concern for women. It's gender nature, and you can hold the fact. Even if you are married or unmarried, women are always cautious about their beauty.

When you step out with biki, skirts or shorts, don't your legs need to be gorgeous? Yaa, summer is on! We have to take care of our legs to the most. Have you set aside the plans for the holiday? You need to wear skirts on this summer and hence trying to be gorgeous, right? Yup! You can be a gorgeous princess with simple exfoliation!

Let's rinse into the exfoliation tips!

Why do you need to exfoliate your body?

Why do you need to exfoliate your body

In generic, our human body as like our Pugs or Pomeranians sheds dander cells. But, unlike our pet's they don't show off. Our dander cells wipe off during a bath, or some may have white rashes or itching due to dander cells. We may notice these dead cells unless we experience discomfort on legs or any other part of the body.

Some may not have experienced this white rash on legs or hands but may have ingrown hairs. Yes! Exfoliation can also prevent ingrown hairs. Now, you have the confidence that exfoliation would make you gorgeous, right?

Ingrown hairs are always a discomfort, and as I am a peach-haired girl, I don't face these risky circumstances. But, still, exfoliation keeps my skin smooth, silky and even more gorgeous. Hence, I thought why not share this with all of my secret friends? And now I am...

How to exfoliate your legs naturally with homemade ingredients?

You can easily exfoliate your skin with some easily available homemade ingredients. You need not purchase some highly expensive products to exfoliate your skin. Some of the veggies and fruits can be the best exfoliating agents as they include anti-oxidants on them. Let me help you with exfoliating methods!

Banana Sugar Syrup

How to exfoliate your legs naturally with homemade ingredients

Banana and sugar can exfoliate your legs and skin to shed the dead dander cells. You need not purchase some fresh banana to exfoliate your skin. You would have already purchased banana, but it would have been spoilt without noticing it in your freezer. Squeeze those bananas; they are rich in sugar and anti-oxidants, which can exfoliate your skin.

Bananas, turn juicy, yucky and brown in color, the antioxidant property in the fruit increases. Squeeze and mash it up into a paste and add sugar. One or two spoons of sugar are enough for exfoliating your legs. Just apply the paste and gently massage it in your legs.

You are done with homemade exfoliation. Your dander cells shed and you are going to look silky, smooth, gorgeous in biki on your holiday trips!

Papaya flesh or ice cube

How to exfoliate your legs naturally with homemade ingredients - papaya

If you are papaya lover, then try exfoliating the legs with papaya. You need not add bananas and sugar. A single papaya fruit does the replacement of bananas and sugars. Just peel off the skin and seeds from papaya and slice it into cubic pieces. Apply the flesh on your legs and massage it for 10-15 minutes. Rest the paste on your legs for 5-7 minutes until it dries.

If you feel yucky to apply papaya flesh on legs, then make papaya juice. Extract the juice of papaya flesh and pour it into a glass or ice cube mold. You will get papaya ice cubes which can be used for exfoliation. Just take those papaya ice cubes and exfoliate your legs. Leave the juice to rest on your legs. You will get gorgeous legs on this summer!

Exfoliating scrubs or gloves

Exfoliating gloves

If you have no ingrown hairs or in need of exfoliation only to get smooth skin, then use exfoliation scrubs or gloves. Many exfoliation gloves and scrubs are available on the market, but make sure you pick the right one. Body scrubs can also be utilized for exfoliation.

Exfoliate before epilating your skin. The process of exfoliation prevents ingrown hairs and helps you gain closer shave. As you rinse your body, exfoliate the legs with the gloves or scrubs and then massage the legs for 5-7 minutes. Exfoliation keeps the dermatologist away from you!

How often to exfoliate your legs? Daily or Weekly?

How often to exfoliate your legs

You may exfoliate your legs daily if possible. But, try exfoliating once in two days during shower. Many chemical exfoliating agents are available but don't stick to those unless you have thick hairy skin.

My all time favorite exfoliation method is papaya flesh. It can exfoliate your skin and make you glow as a princess. Even, before parties or celebrations, I would just scrub my face with papaya, rather than going to the spa. I have 10-15 minutes in my routine to exfoliate my face. Every day, before going to bed, I would exfoliate my face with papaya, and that's my beauty secret!

Exfoliate your legs once in two days, if you have a busy schedule, then try exfoliating once in a week. Always hold on to natural exfoliates, than going for chemical exfoliates. Chemical Exfoliates may have some itching, rashes in sensitive skin. I would always recommend you, princess, to stick on natural exfoliates!

After exfoliation

Exfoliate your legs and then rinse with cold water. If you are exfoliating your face, then use cold milk or ice cubes for rinsing the skin. All done you are going to be a rock star on this holiday trip! You can now tutor others how to exfoliate legs!

Say Cheese with no itchy

You princess need not worry about the ingrown hairs peeping out from your miniskirts, shorts or biki. Share these exfoliation secrets to your friends and start enjoying the holiday trips together!

If you have any DIY secrets to exfoliate your skin, then please let other princesses try it. Put the DIY ideas in the comments page below!

How to make your face glow naturally like a celebrity with homemade tips?

The modern world paves a great way for pollution, dryness, wrinkles formation and much more on the face. As women, we would have excessive care for the beauty and health. We would step ahead on the crowd when our face glows naturally. Do you think can make over's stand for more than 8-10 hours? Never!

Beauty is something which must be natural. Artificial beauties vanish over time as like the monuments and statues. But, nature's beauty like mountains, falls, oceans glow flawlessly and admire us for their beauty over the years. Even these natural beauties are vanishing due to this pollution and effluents from industries. So, we must preserve our beauty to stand out of the crowd.

 Here are my homemade tips for you celeb ladies and princess of my blog!

How to clean face naturally at home?

The first and foremost step of face glow is to vanish the dirt, pollutants and smoke scraps from the skin. Whenever you step out, you will shut the face with some stoles or shawls. But, that can't prevent the dirt from the environment as they can get through the pores of clothes.

You can remove the dirt and make your face clean at the end of the day before going to bed. Yes, you must exfoliate your facial skin before going to bed with some natural anti-oxidants. I would highly recommend coconut oil, tomato to remove the dirt, pollution, and other parasites.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil can remove the dirt, make-up and other chemicals, a pollutant from your face. They possess antioxidants which prevent dullness, dryness, lifeless skin on your face.

The antibacterial and antifungal properties of coconut oil can keep your skin full of life, energetic, youthful. Lukewarm the coconut oil and apply it on your face gently. Massage the coconut oil gently and let them rest for the whole night. Rinse with cold milk or water. You will realize the glowing, lively facial skin!

Tomato facial

Tomatoes have required essential nutrients, amino acids to cleanse your face. Tomato skin can remove all the dirt, pollution, and make your facial skin breath. Apply the tomato skin on your face until the juice stays still on your face. Allow the tomato skin to rest on your face for 10-15 minutes. Rinse them with cold water before going to bed.

Home remedies to make your face skin glow

Want your facial skin glowing with homemade tips? Here are the tricks and secrets which I use in my daily life to make the skin glowy. You need not go for parlors and spend huge dollars for your facial glow. Do you think that beauties fetched from parlor can rest for more than a month? Not at all! You can make your facial skin glow without any end with the help of homemade secrets!

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the best nature's therapy to make your skin glow. It has many anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties which can whiten your skin within 5-10 minutes. Just apply the white jelly of aloe vera and allow the jelly to rest on your face for 10-15 minutes until the moisture goes off.

Rinse the face with clean, cold water to glow! The aloe vera vanishes the dark spots and dark circles on your face too! Try this out on this weekend party and just look at the fans following!

Aloe vera chills your face and makes you stress-free!


Papaya can make your skin clean and clear. They possess papain enzyme to bleach your facial skin, and this is the reason behind the parlor's golden facial kit. Yes, papaya powder is the ingredient used in the golden facial kit.

Why can't you buy the natural papaya and make your skin glow? I would advise you to apply the papaya flesh before bed, as I have found the results better than wiping in the morning. Just one or two slices of papaya for your face and stomach can improve your inner as well as outer glow!

Papaya removes dead cells, dark spots, and even pimples. As the dirt on face vanishes, pimples, dark spots goes by. I would rest the papaya flesh for 15 minutes as it can dry off in the course. Rinse the face with cold water and feel the freshness! This papaya facial can be a better treatment for insomnia princess too!

Glow naturally with nature

You need not spend the entire money and savings for your beauty. Try these homemade beauty secrets which I regularly use to make my facial skin glow! Never forget to share the results of these remedies on the comments page below!

I never mind sharing these beauty secrets to your friends and fans following! I want all the princess to glow flawlessly and rock the world!

Remington epilator reviews! Epilate your skin & glow flawlessly!


Remington is one of the favorite brands of a princess for its long lasting smoothness on the skin. Remington is one of the professional brands which lasts the skin hair free for 4-5 weeks. Remington tweezers are provided with the Aloe strips to make the hair removal session painless.

Remington has made every product with great care for perfect ergonomic usage of the princess. Their products are provided with the micro grip technology to make your epilation easy and comfortable. The one more significant feature of the Remington brand is they have made the tweezers with the hygienic hypo-allergenic blades and the laser with the FDA approved pulse limits. Sure, you princess would not face any harm with any of the Remington products if the usage is 100% perfect.

Here are my picks for you princess on the Remington products. This Remi guy can be taken home by choosing him, especially for your skin tone! I pick the products of Remi from face to toe on distinct hair removal methods too!

Remington EP1050


Remi guy of this version is most suitable for the facial hair removal. I love this guy's outfit as I own the coral colored one which is too adorable and girly color. This Remi guy has only 6 tweezers and hence would never harm my face.

Even if I am scary with these 6 tweezers, I would just nail the protective cap and start the facial epilation. This Remi is easy to hold as this guy is weightless. This guy can be taken to my trips as he is battery operated. Only AA battery is enough for my facial makeover.

This Remi guy makes me stress less by his lasting facial epilation. For me, it lasts for more than 4 weeks. I would just epilate on my eyebrows, upper lip, chin, forehead. But, still, my forehead will sometimes be left, as I am peach faced. I would never use this on my bikini lines only because this has the less number of tweezers. Because using this on my face and then biki lines will be discomfort. You can clean up the shed hairs with the cleaning brush provided with the kit of this Remi.

This Remi guy suits perfectly for a sensitive princess like me. So if you princess is one of the crews belonging to sensitive skin, then join 290+ princess on this Remi guy's epilation session. The one care about this Remi guy is there are no built-in lightings for detail hair removal!

Hereby we can list the pros and cons of this Facial Remi guy!


  • Weeds perfect for sensitive skin
  • Perfect facial epilation kit
  • Epilation lasts longer
  • Battery operated
  • Dry usage
  • Protective cap for extra care
  • Affordable price


  • Not for entire body epilation
  • No built-in lightings

Remington (EP6010)


This Remi guy can be used for the body epilation. You princess can epilate your legs, underarms, arms and other areas with the powerful 42 tweezer head. If you epilate in the sensitive skin, you can adjust the speed as this Remi guy has 2-speed epilation. You can use the first speed when you epilate in the sensitive areas.

You can easily glide over the body as the Remi guy is engineered with curved epilation head. This Remi can be used only in corded manner, so arrange any plug points near your bath tub. You can clean up the shed hairs with the cleaning brush provided in the Remi guy's kit. You can also nail the protective cap for the sensitive bikini lines epilation session.

One thing we have to look out for this Remi guy is there are no built-in lightings to make over your detail hair removal sessions. You can pass two or three epilations if you are a peach-haired princess but may take more passes if you are coarse-haired. But, this passes lasts longer for more than 3-4 weeks. You princess can grab this Remi guy for coarse hair removal sessions as this Remi guy is loved by 200+ princess.

You can now sort out the pros and cons of this Remi guy!


  • Two-speed epilation
  • 42 tweezers with hygienic blades
  • 2 years warranty
  • Curved epilation head
  • Protective caps
  • Affordable price
  • Lasts longer for more than 3-4 weeks


  • No built-in lightings
  • Corded
  • Wet usage is not permissible

Remington EP7030

This Remi guy is total coverage epilation device. Right from your face to toe, you can epilate with this Remi guy who is adorably designed with purple. You can nail the attachments according to the epilation session, and grab the better painless epilation experience. You can use this guy in both dry and wet circumstances. So princess, jump in your shower for painless epilation.

You can relieve from this epilation session for max 6 weeks if you are a peach-haired princess. You are provided with the two-speed adjustments to curl over the sensitive biki lines, face area and other curvy areas. You can nail the pivoting head to epilate the legs, arms, underarms and other coarse hair areas. But, still, if you are sensitive princess feeling scared of pain, then you may use the facial hair removal head, which can lower the number of tweezers as well as the pain.

You must be patient enough for a longer session of epilation with this rechargeable Remi guy. You can also relieve stress with the help of massaging cap provided by Aloe strips. These 40 tweezers Remi guy can be adjusted upon your body curves with speeds and precision caps. Hence this guy can perfectly weed the epilation session of both peach and coarse hair princess.

You princess will be provided with the power adapter to charge this Remi guy. You can clean up the hairs on the skin with the Remi guy's cleaning brush. You can also epilate after the detail lightings are flashed on your skin with this Remi guy's eye. The most important fact about this guy is an affordable price for full body epilation. You have to epilate only in the absence of your BF princess. Otherwise, this Remi guy would reveal your beauty secret, as he is louder. Join with this Remi guys epilation experience with 170+ princess!

You can now analyze the pros and cons of this Remi total coverage guy!


  • 40 tweezers with hygienic blades
  • Massaging cap, pivoting head, precision cap for distinct epilation
  • Rechargeable
  • Wet and dry usage
  • Built-in lightings
  • Epilation lasts longer
  • Aloe vera strips
  • Two speeds
  • Affordable price


  • Louder epilation happens with this Remi guy

Remington WDF5030


This Remi guy is suited for princess and queens who need the shaver epilation system. Also, I would advise the system on the biki lines as it is painless, effective and does not cause any harm. But still, if you did not perfectly use this sure, it can cause red bumps on the skin.

You princess can use any shaving gels or hair removal creams to make this Remi guy perfectly glide over the skin. This shaver head can perfectly weed for our bikini lines epilation as this has the 4 hypoallergenic blades. If you are scary for electric shaving on the biki lines, then you may nail the precision cap and then use the shaver head.

This Remi guy can be used in the dry as well as wet, so jump on your showers and experience the painless bikini lines epilation. You can obviously, use the shaver head in legs, arms, underarms and other areas. But, this can make your root hair tougher and hence the growing hairs would be rough. You can use this Remi guy on both sides as this has the flexi dual side.

Your skin will be nourished with this shaver head as this Remi guy hides the almond oil strips on the head. Even if we princess are sick or having periods, we can daringly use this Remi as this has the anti-microbial shield to protect our skin. You can snatch out all these beauty secret from your BF by hiding it in the beauty pouch provided.

So here we go with this Remi guys pros and cons!


  • Dual sided flexi shaver head
  • 4 hypoallergenic blades
  • Precision cap provided
  • Almond strip to nourish the skin
  • Wet/ Dry usage
  • Antimicrobial shield


  • Not a permanent solution
  • Price is a bit higher as this is not the permanent or lasting solution

Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus


This Remi guy is too professional, and within three months you can stay hair free permanently forever! Even though this guy has the highest price, this equates our dermatologists cost. But, with this guy, we can be comfortable in the home itself for the hair removal sessions, as I don't want to show my inner beauty to anyone!

This guy reduces my hairs up to 94% within 3 months of time. This guy is also tested with sensitive baby skin princess like me and is certified by the FDA for home usage of laser hair removal. This guy is faster and releases 30000 pulses of radiation per flash.

You don't need to be scary on using this laser hair removal session. If you know the perfect usage guide then for sure, this is the painless and favorite hair removal techie of you princess. This has removed all my hairs on legs, underarms, arms, chin. As you know, I am not daring to use this techie in my bikini lines epilation!

With this pro-Remi guy, you can check out the skin tone applicable for the laser hair removal with the check sensor provided. This Remi guy is brilliant and hence he also gives you bang when you miss place this device position for laser pulse. So no more worries or scariness with laser hair removal techie, you are also provided with the instructional DVD with this Remi guy.

Daringly hold the hands of this Remi guy with 150+ princess! Here is the pros and cons list of this pro-Remi guy!


  • Professional brand and hair removal techie
  • Lasts for more than 94% hair reduction. No matter whether peach or coarse hair
  • Faster and gentle
  • FDA approved
  • Permanent hair removal within three months
  • Check sensor
  • 30000 pulses per flash


  • Price is too high
  • Takes much time

Raise your hands up!

Sure, I had revealed your favorite brand's secrets of hair removal session. You princess would have picked the best products suited for your skin. If you need some help from this secret friend, then I am here for your painless epilation with this favorite brand. Please tell your friend comments page below if you need any help on your epilator choice!

Tug Braun epilator black Friday deals! Vanish root hairs with 50% off!


Want to groom yourself by saving your spouse dollars on this black Friday fire sale? Here's the Braun epilator best black Friday deals to make over you 100% with 50% off on every products!

Braun, a branded grooming kit provider for both men and women have now jumped into the wrestling ring of e-commerce on this black Friday fire sale. On 2016 Black Friday sale you can pluck out more deals on Braun brands right from the shaver to hair straightener. I am waiting for this Black Friday fire sale to grab my favorite epilators on Braun to groom myself to be hair free right from head to toe!

I have also planned to grab more epilator brands on this black Friday sale to offer the winning princess of my blogs contest! Best of luck for you to win the contest and grab the epilator from me! I am sorry for men, that I don't use any of your Braun products!

This Braun epilator review can make your Black Friday better as you can pick the right choice for your GF! Princess can now enjoy your Black Friday deals with these Braun epilators!

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579


This brauny guy of 9 series is the trendy and bonus product of epilators from the Braun brand. If I purchase this 9 series brauny guy, I can use it right from my head to toe with 7 distinct attachments. I will use the shaver head when I epilate in my under arms, legs and arms. But, this shaver head must be replaced by trimmer cap when my hair growth is less. Maybe I will use this trimmer head after my epilation to cut off the 0.5mm root hairs too!

I will nail the facial cap to epilate my facial hair as the facial cap can reduce the number of tweezer head in the epilator. Also, I would use the skin contact cap to roll down on my skin to make it silky smooth as the name of Braun! 

I can also relieve from stresses with the massage cap provided by this brauny guy. This guy can be dragged anywhere during my epilation session as this can be used cordless and in both wet, dry usage. This brauny guy makes my skin smoother for four weeks and makes me from frequent epilation sessions.

This guy can withstand my epilation session completely as he will have the operating time of 40 minutes. This brauny can make my epilation 4x times smoother with 40% wider head. This brauny guy also cleans my shed hairs with the cleaning brush head. Sure, this is a great deal for my grooming kit on this black Friday fire sale with 50% off on Braun 9 epilator! Now I would join 500+ princess of Braun 9 series review with this black Friday purchase!

I am going to bookmark this products in my cart to buy it on the black Friday deal. Sure, you princess would also save your BFs money at least 50% on this black Friday deals!

Braun Face 830 - Mini-Facial Electric Hair Removal Epilator


Some sensitive princess would feel delicate to use the epilators in the facial hair. For you princess this my pick particularly for facial hair removal session. This brauny guy is perfectly suitable for facial grooming as the tweezers are at the side face of the epilator. This can make your facial grooming perfect. You can just draw the tweezers adjacent to the facial hair on the eyebrows, chin, sideburns and the forehead in the dry usage.

With the facial cleaning brush provided in the epilation kit of Braun, you can easily wipe off the shed hairs on the face before you step out for party or dating trip. This facial cleansing is better than the normal cleansing with face wash creams.

However, you can daringly use the brauny guy in your face even if you are a sensitive princess like me as they have taken great care to engineer this facial epilator.

They are the world's first to introduce the facial epilator and the dermatologists have tested with the sensitive skin. In my own experience this facial epilator provides the HD face even in front of cams without even the root hairs.

This is the refill system and hence no more charging of the epilators before your grooming secret. You can finish off the facial epilation and check over with the lighted mirror provided in the grooming kit of brauny guy. Get the HD face in all party sessions with black Friday 50% off on this world's first facial epilator provider!

Venus Silk-expert IPL BD 5008


If you are a busy princess with no time for hair removal often? Then here's the permanent hair removal techie which is approved by FDA for your skin.

You can use this brauny IPL guy to play with your root hairs. Of course, I would not advise you princess to use this in bikini lines, but this can be used as a permanent hair removal techie in your underarms, legs and other areas. But , please avoid the IPL(Intense Pulse Light) in bikini lines hair removal.

The brauny guy is engineered with safer IPL techie for your hair removal session with unique Sensoadapt techie too. Hence this can be used at home for your epilation session and can vanish your root hairs permanently without any harm. But know the perfect usage guide for laser hair removal method and then start your session!

You can pluck out the entire root hairs on the arms, legs and underarms with just 10 minutes each within 3 months. No more laser glasses, cartridges for your eyes with this brauny IPL guy. You can easily finish off the hair removal session as this IPL guy passes 12000 flashes per touch.

If you are in hasty to remove the hair, then you can use the gliding mode to make over the epilation faster. After the hair removal session, shed hairs with skin can be removed by cleaning brush. 100+ of your folks have tried this Braun IPL guy to make them hair free.

Why not you also stay hair free with this 50% off black Friday fire sale on Braun products?

Silk-épil Lady Shaver - 5160


Even though the hair removal session has improved a lot some princess would stick to the shavers on some sensitive areas like biki lines. Even I would suggest the shaver epilation for painless bikini lines hair removal. Hence here is my cart for black Friday on this Braun shaver.

This brauny shaver guy comes with 3 more attachments to our hand. This brauny guy can epilate our bikini lines secretly with the bikini trimming attachment. This brauny guy has rounded ends to curdle over the princess body curves. So this guy stays perfect for my bikini lines epilation. Obviously, this guy can be used in both wet and dry usage which is perfect for painless epilation under shower.

You can take this brauny guy anywhere as he works with only 2 AA batteries. So this is a cordless guy who can give best companionship for our trips with hair removal sessions. Of course, you princess must have the patience to shave once in two days to make your skin hair free. Start shaving your skin with this brauny guy by saving your spouse dollars with 50% off on black Friday fire sale!

Enjoy the Black Friday shopping bonanza with Brauny guy!

Sure, by this time you princess and prince would have picked the best Braun epilator deals for this black Friday sale! If you guys have any doubts, please let me know on the comments page below. I am here to help you guys to pick the best epilator on the Braun brand on this black Friday deals!

Best laser hair removal at home [reviews] No more pain in plucking the root hair!


I am too guilty even if any 0.5mm peeps from my skin! Also, I am too lazy to shave, epilate once in a week or day to make my skin soft. Why not I try the permanent laser hair removal techie for my long lasting beauty?

I am comfortable with the epilators for whole body epilation, as you princess know about me better. I am just going to use this permanent solution in underarms, legs, face.

As I have already instructed you that I will not dare to use the laser techie in my sensitive bikini lines. Let's check out the laser hair removal at home and it's reviewed for epilating the body princess!

Laser hair removal at home: Usage guide for a princess!


Laser hair removals are limited to professionals once upon a time. But at this century it has been easily reachable to all the princess with an online store.

The chaos with this method is princess are not aware of the usage guide of this professional techie. The most significant guide in this laser hair removal techie is you princess must have greater patience while dealing with hair removal session. Hereby, I will make your professional laser hair removal easy!

Do you princess think laser hair removal is a professional task? Hereby I introduce you with the painless, long lasting hair removal techie's usage guide.

  • First shave, epilate or remove your hair with hair creams. This is to be done before 30 minutes of the permanent hair removal techie with some best-reviewed epilators for making the hair lighter. This can help to a greater extent for princess with dark skin to make the epilation painless.
  • Next switch on the laser hair removal device and look at the battery life.
  • The next step is you must wear the eye wears provided for the usage of laser hair removal device for safety reasons.
  • With the sensor provided, you princess must check the skin for laser hair removal. The sensor indicates the green signal to make your permanent hair removal. If red signal persists, please let the hair grow a little bit. The laser hair removal may depend on the distinct device, so please peep at the usage guide of every device even if you are a pro in hair removal.
  • Now you must rest the head of the laser beam flash at the skin where you must permanently remove the hair. If you do not tap it perfectly some laser hair removal device may say "beep" with an alarm. So it depicts that you must place the laser hair removal device with a perfect position in the skin.
  • Now you are all done to start the laser hair removal at your home. Place the laser machine on the skin where you want to remove the hair and set the intensity of light at which you can bear the pain. This is just a rubber stamp pain.
  • After fixing the intensity of light, place the best home laser device in your skin. It may be in your facial hair removal too!
  • Press the button to flash the light in your skin to be permanently hair free.
  • Overlap the pressings of silk n smooth laser device, to make your skin perfectly groomed.
  • In some of the devices, you will be indicated with the pulse rates. You may check it out for the time consumption.
  • But, I warn you if you're in haste, don't even dare to do this. This is the most painless permanent hair removal techie. So spend some time for your hair reduction in a home with best-reviewed laser hair removal products.
  • You must remove the hair for first three months once in a week, but after the suggested period, 85% of your hair free skin will be set! So no worries, no more red bumps, pain, itchy feeling. You can use some ice packs after the hair removal session for overcoming the little pain!

I am sure that I have answered all princess common query "are home laser hair removal safe?" Now that you can dare to permanently remove hair in legs, underarms, legs. As already instructed you I am not a daring girl as like "She's the man!", so I will never ever induce these laser flashes in my genitals for hair removal.

I assure thousand times painless when compared to the waxing or threading. I have to admit the truth here to you princess, that epilators too can cause a bit, but once as I am miss epilator, I didn't feel any pain. But the key success for permanent laser hair removal is patience!

Now I am going to tell answers for all your queries on how to choose the best home laser hair removal device for face to toe. Let's analyse the standards.

What is the best device at home laser hair removal?


Sure, this is buttoned up a secret from professional to all princess, as this may affect their revenue to a greater extent. Yes, of course, here is your secret friend Aura revealing all the knots on laser hair removal at home and its hair removal reviews, best-rated home products.

  • FDA (Food and Drug administration) approved for home use
  • ANSI (American National Standards Institute) on the laser beam standards
  • Beam intensity for human use
  • Cataract protection, that is to protect all the princess sexy eyes
  • Free from potential hazards
  • Electromagnetic radiations intensity
  • Pulse rate of the beam
  • Laser controlled zones will be instructed in labels
  • Approved by Laser safety officer for application in the hair removal use
  • Wavelength of laser beams removing the hair

So you beauties, never worry only after passing through these standards the laser hair removal machine reaches our home. Hereby not boring you too much, I will suggest you the best-rated laser hair removal machine at your privatized home spa!

Best rated laser hair removal devices at home!

Here're my favorite painless, the most importantly harmless laser hair removal system in the home. But I will never dare to use this flash in my Brazilian sessions down there!

I need always best products for my princess grooming, so I will never worry about money as this is permanent hair removal techie.

One more important thing about this laser hair removal device is that your BF's too can use this! Here're the top rated laser hair removal devices by all princess including me!

Tria hair removal laser 4x


This is a perfect companion for my permanent hair removal session in legs, underarms, face and other parts except for genitals. I possess the peony guy for the hair reduction, he is too adorable and I don't need to explain more about this guy to you princess as this is the first top rated laser hair removal device for home use with 500+ satisfied princess.

This has the home usage standards like FDA authorization. So daringly I have tried this in my legs where I can see the big babes skin lighter but hairs darker. Hereby I am going with the instructions to check the laser skin treatment probability in my skin.

I have charged the device fully to make the entire legs epilation, I am now ready to use this cordless. Yahoo! I am approved to remove hair from legs. I am setting the intensity in 2 as I am a big baby as you all princess know.

Now going to tap the laser beam at perfect position, ya I am pro it seems. It says yes, now press the button to remove hair. Wow! great! Hair is gone. Now going to overlap the device for laser hair removal on my legs.

It's great, all I have to do is remove hair for next three months once in two weeks. I am all done to wear all my LKG skirts too! Why not you princess give this professional hair removal techie a try for remembering your KG days like me?

Sure, this may cost your one of your whole year dermatologist appointments and costs for permanent hair removal sessions. Why not you become a pro with this peony guy without any appointments to your dermatologist or beautician?

Here I have helped you princess with this official


  • Easy to use and handy
  • Permanent hair reduction after three months
  • No more pain as like threading, waxing, only a rubber band stamp in skin
  • Can get rid of red bumps with just a serum after hair removal sessions
  • Perfect hair free skin in legs, underarms, face.
  • Intensity variations with the areas we use
  • Pulse deviations and notifications


  • Price is high to afford
  • Time-consuming

Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz Hair Removal System


Here's the favorite brand of hair removal world. It's not mine actually, it's my mom's beauty secret and also 100+ queens are there with hair free skin by utilizing this. I am going to steal this and use.

She owns the pretty purple color professional hair removal techie. It includes the same usage guide, I have to check my skin for approval of laser treatment. Don't think I am bushy, I am just going to try for you, princess.

I have some hairs on my underarms, legs. Let me give it a try in under arm as I have been epilated only before 30 minutes. Let me miss position the device and check whether it give bang! Yes, it gives the bang.

Now no more testing, just at the perfect position overlapping the device can remove my hair in underarms. Ya, it is a pro! It removes the hair up to 94%, but for complete hair free skin, I have to go on with three or four more treatments.

This may be one of the laser hair removal systems which are best at home with professional dermatologists results. Obviously, this is authorized by the FDA too to use it in the home! This device also releases 30,000 pulses per flash, so it's fast and gentle to remove hair in skin.

Hereby I am ready for the sleeveless party wears!


  • Professional brand
  • FDA approved for home use
  • Fast and gentle with 30000 pulses per flash
  • Permanent hair reduction results
  • Instructional DVD for usage guide


  • Price may be high to afford
  • Time-consuming

Silk'n Flash&Go Hair Removal Device


This is the most affordable laser hair removal techie it seems and hence there is 900+ satisfied princess. This is only a bit cost of your appointment for permanent hair removal techie to a dermatologist.

Also, this guy is the best merchant of the laser hair removal techie in the home. This is also FDA approved laser techie for home use. This guy may have adjustments in prices but never judge this guy by the quality, he equates a professional.

The same usage guide is for this guy to permanently remove your hair in skin. They have recommended it even for sensitive bikini lines as this includes HPL (Home Pulsed light).

But I am not going to dare this in my bikini lines, as this big babies future babies may be affected! This guy is suited for both coarse and peach hair princess.

Once if you epilate and do this permanent techie you're free from the hair after three months period of time. Only thing is this guy takes time not your dollars! This removes the hair from follicles and root of the skin painless. So no more LED's to peep your ingrown hair!


  • Affordable price for professional hair removal
  • Best merchant of the product
  • HPL (Home Pulsed light)
  • Weeds peach & coarse hair
  • Equates professional hair removal device


  • Time-consuming

Stay hair free!

Sure! With these best laser hair removal devices, you can Stay hair free with 94% hair reduction! Tell me your remembered LKG skirt stories on the comments page with rubber band stamps for your best secret friend!

Best electric razor for women: Here’s your hair free spa at home!


"I am in the urge to step out with Brazilian, I can't do waxing!" Yes, of course, when I am in the urge to start a date trip with my BF I can't prepare the wax at home and use these painful wax strips.

I don't want to step out as the red hot chilli with red bumps. So I need an immediate hair removal device. Yes, I must go with the best electric razors for women.

Also, I notice my mom comfortable only with this hair removal device, as she utilises this from her teens. So this may be the vintage hair removal techie, but still, some princess adheres to the razors as this is the quick techie. For you princess, this epilation session is a tribute!

However, even if we are to be ready for laser hair removal we must shave, epilate or remove the long hairs on the skin with vintage methods. Also, this is one of the favorite techie for all princess including me for the pubic area's hair removal. So why not be updated with the latest trend of electric razors.

However, for electric razors, the usage guide may vary a bit. So hereby I will start the usage guide to the vintage updated hair removal techie for newbie princess!

How to use the electric razors particularly for women?

How to use the electric razors particularly for women?

You princess can be ready to go with the quickest trendy hair removal techie! It's just simple as the men's facial hair removal. Probably you would have seen the dad's hair removal in the face.

This is just so simple as that even in your Bikini lines. But, when coming to the hectic area down there, we must be concentrating and it may take time.

So no hurry take time and get rid of the hair bumps. I will not think the razors in facial hair removal, as this may make the skin hard after many passes.

This electric razors may be replaced by threading, waxing or tweezing while you opt for facial hair removal.

Hereby you can be ready to go with the BF, just by wearing the Brazilian with flawless legs, underarms, bikini lines. You can make the best legs in the folks with just 15 minutes by these snaps!

  • Charge the electric razor completely.
  • Take a shower with plain water, this can make the epithelium tissues a bit wider, making the shaving easier.
  • Before the use of electric razor in your bikini lines, check by running them in underarms or hands. I don't want you princess to hurt in the sensitive pubic area.
  • Apply some hair removal gels in the bikini area to make the razing painless and get ready soon for a trip. This can make the hair removal easier.
  • Now start the electric razor and move the razor blades gently by holding the blades in 90 degree from your skin where you're going to raze.
  • If you raze in the bikini lines, fix the plastic efficiency cap for safety reasons. This can make your sensitive area hair free without hurting.
  • You can place the skin tight by holding it with one hand and razing. This can prevent the red bumps on the pubic area. Also, you may half sit for easy hair removal.
  • After you're all done apply the moisturizers to make the skin silky smooth. Ready to go princess!

Here are my keen suggestions with best reviews for you a princess in razing hair removal sessions with top products in the market!

Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver


Here's the best seller and hear throbber of nearly 5000 princesses! This guy may be low in price but high in hair removal. To reduce irritation for a princess like us, they have set up the hypoallergenic blades in the razors.

You can use this electric razor both in wet and dry usage as this is 100% waterproofed. For easy usage, I will apply soap to smoothly remove the hair in my bikini lines.

This guy is adorable and handy to use in our curve bodies gently with shaver head. Also, I will use the protective cap for my bikini lines razing. I can use this razor with three heads.

This can be used cordless for the razing purpose. So no more worries on charging. This can sound a little bit, but this hair removal session also shouts loud with our BF. Why to wait no more preparing wax at home. Just raze with the best seller!


  • Quick hair removal.
  • Safe with protective caps and hypoallergenic blades.
  • Wet/dry usage.
  • Cordless.
  • Affordable price.


  • Ingrown hairs peep out quicker.

TOUCH Beauty TB-1653 Mini Women's Rotary Shavers


This is my favorite razor as this is too adorable to get my Keep It Simple Stupid. The more exciting thing is this can be hidden in my handbag, as this doesn't even look like a razor.

So I can be comfortable that my BF can't recognize my bikini lines secret. This touch has two mini size rotary razors to smoothen our skin.

This can be razed easily through body curves as this is ergonomically awesome with wet and dry usage. The fashionable design cap with diamond makes me glow like a diamond with confidence in my Brazilian bikini with shielded hypoallergenic blades!

IT's cordless, so I will always have a spare of 1AA battery in my handbag for the adorable TOUCH. This is too trendy and most important thing is it's girly! So why to wait with this girl princess, she may be your best companion as like other 50+ princess?


  • Adorable and girly.
  • Wet/dry usage.
  • Affordable price.
  • Cordless/rechargeable with 1AA batteries.
  • Safe to use with hypoallergenic blades.


  • Not a permanent hair-free skin is offered.

Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies All-in-One Personal Groomer


This is another favorite electric razor of the princess. This is a perfect groomer for all the princess from face to toe with 5 comb positions and 2 adjustable positions. You are comfortable to charge with stand and groomer kit stand. This also includes the eyebrow razing, bikini trimming groomer kits.

You princess are also benefited with the cleaning oil and brush. But some princess has discomforts with the battery life. So you must check the battery while the product is shipped to invest money in the satisfactory device.


  • Wet/dry usage.
  • 5 comb positions and 2 adjustable posture.
  • Charging stand. Cordless usage.
  • Cleaning oil, brush as a bonus.
  • Close, comfortable raze from head to toe.


  • Quicker hair growth than epilation.

Braun Silk-épil LS5160WD Lady Shaver


Obviously, if I didn't include this brand I would get shouting's from all princess that where is the Braun epil brand on the comments page.

Always, this is the expected brand of hair removal techie among princess as this can give you the silky n smooth skin as its name. This brauny can be used both in wet and dry raze with 3 shaver heads.

For your bikini trimming, you must nail the bikini trimming cap in the round head of the electric razor. This is easily washable after use for perfect sanitary maintenance.

You can also exfoliate the skin with the attachment. It's too gentle that can be glided over the curves of you, princess. This is the rechargeable device and hence you can comfortable raze in the whole body.

Check this trendy upgraded electric razor for this summer trips! Even though this is not a permanent hair removal techie, some of you princess are comfortable with this razors. So bang with this branded electric razor!


  • Quick hair removal techie.
  • Branded and affordable price.
  • Easy to glide over with attachments.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Wet/dry usage.
  • Additional exfoliator attachment.


  • Not a hair free skin for a long span.

Remington WDF5030


Here's the another favourite merchant for you princess for hair free skin. This remi can be used both in wet and dry usage in a cordless manner.

I own as this is branded electric razor. Obviously, as this is branded it's the higher price that other razors. I have picked this adorable purple colour as that was one of my favourites.

It's handy for me to use in all over the body. Even when I performed my laser hair removal, I used this electric razor for quick hair removal. I will just use soap lather and raze in the skin gently.

This is too quick as this includes 4 hypoallergenic razor blades. Also, this includes an aloe vera strip to make the raze gliding over the curves smoothly.

This is a dual sided trimmer and hence can be utilised for razing with both sides. This remi provides me excess protection with the anti-microbial shield of almond oil strip.

I will use the bikini comb head for razing down there. I will hide these accessories of remi in a beauty bag provided. If your favourite brand is the remi, obviously hit this!


  • Branded electric razor.
  • Antimicrobial shield with almond oil strip.
  • 4 Hypoallergenic blades.
  • Dual sided trimmer.
  • Includes bikini comb head.
  • Wet/dry usage.
  • Cordless.


  • It's not a permanent solution, also should raze two or three days once.
  • Price is higher.

Stay hair free!

With these  5 best electric razors for women, I bang my conversation. Sure, would enjoy the painless favorite trendy techie for hair free skin.

If you're comfortable with these trendy electric techie, make your best secret friend comfort by posting your secrets on the comments page! Stay hair free and raise your hands up to touch the sky!

Threading vs waxing vs tweezing! Who’s the best plucker of root hair?


Ouch! It's painy mam! Please remove the waxing strips gently, it's my face, not the artboard to pluck off the strips as it is! My diamond face is broke and it's bleeding!

Yuck, princess these waxing strips are really painful to me. Maybe some princess would adhere to this techie as it lasts for a long span, but I am truly disappointed by this techie.

So I have now tried all the pain techies in my face and don't want all the princess to experience pain. Also, I want a high definition eyebrows, so that as you see in my blog, my eyes can speak with feel to you princess!

So I have now tried all the pain techies in my face and don't want all the princess to experience pain. Also, I want a high definition eyebrows, so that as you see in my blog, my eyes can speak with feel to you princess! Here's my best judgement on the winner of the root hair harvester! Let's go deeper, so that I can make justice to the winner!

Threading Vs Waxing vs Tweezing on the court of justice!

Let's first start from the basic operations and then discuss the pros and cons, princess!



Threading is the perfect designer when comes to root hairs in the face. But this can't be used for entire hair removal session. This techie holds best in professionals hand, also, I couldn't win these tiny threads when shaping.

It needs some perfect shaping sensibilities, even though I am a better writer, I couldn't make arts with my eyebrows. Threading is the apt hair removal techie in the face, but when comes to underarms, bikini lines and legs, I have no patience to remove the whole of the hair just by rolling a thread.

It costs only a penny, just a thread and hair serum can make the face glowy, but not for my Brazilian outfit! The threading techie is the painless techie for face, there are no red bumps or itchy feel on the face.

I can get the HD shaping of eyebrows and best expressing eyes with this techie. The only thing is it's tough for me to do it in the home. Cheapest and best shaping device for eyebrows ever.

I swear, it lasts at least for 3-4 weeks for me as I am a peach princess, as it removes the root hairs from the follicles of the skin. I still remember the squeaky and mischievous behavior of my first threading experience, even I got curses from a pro.

But now, I vote 100% for threading techie, when it comes to my facial hair removal, particularly shaping eyebrows!


  • Best for facial hair removal.
  • HD hair removal for the face.
  • Affordable material cost.
  • Weeds perfect in professional hands.
  • Painless and leaves no red bumps in the face.


  • Takes more time.
  • Not home care make-up.
  • Needs perfect drawing skills for best-shaped eyebrows.
  • Not for whole body hair removal.



Waxing is one of the oldest hair removal techie, not only ancient but also effective in hair removal as well as pain. Yes, of course, all princess would agree that waxing is the best in removing hair, but nobody agrees that it's painless.

It removes hair not only from follicles but also from root skin. Hence it may cause rashes, burns and even bleeding. So I am not ready to use this Cleopatra's invention in my face.

But this techie is well suited for hair removal in legs, underarms, genitals. I will never assure that it will not cause any pain or red bumps in the skin.

Waxing techie utilises two types of waxes for the hair removal session. They are soft and hard waxes. Soft waxes are utilised in legs, underarms, faces and the areas at which we can handle pain.

But the hard waxes are mainly used in genitals, lips and sensitive areas of the skin. You can also prepare the wax from home, just with lemon, honey and sugar.

Wax posses pine rosin, esters and fatty acids which are the hair removal props. These ingredients are those which can remove hair from the skin.

Waxing kit is available for the whole body, you can slice up the strips according to the need, apply the wax and then after an interval remove the waxing strip as well as the hairs in skin.

This is one of the professional techies and so lasts for 4-5 weeks. But you must dare to be bleeding or bare pain. Also, we have to wait until the hair peeps out longer so that the waxing may be done in the skin. Now I am going to bundle the entire waxing kit with me.


  • Professional techie.
  • Removes the root hairs from the skin perfectly.
  • Lasts longer up to 3-4 weeks.
  • Whole body hair removal can be done.
  • Waxing can be done in the home itself.
  • Affordable.


  • Most awful techie which is painful and bleeding.
  • Rashes, burns and skin irritations are agreed by a princess who uses this techie.
  • Can't step out for more than two to three hours after waxing.
  • Needs lengthy hairs for next waxing session.



Tweezing is the trendy and comfortable choice of mine. I don't need to be a professional designer or beautician to shape my eyebrows with the spring.

It's just playful when I pick the spring tweezer to shape my eyebrows. I will hold the "U" and just unfold it to make nice HD curves in my eyebrows.

Tweezing is the painless and most easily recovered pain for hair removal session. Tweezing becomes more comfortable when we pick the right device for epilating the skin.

I will guide you better in terms of tweezing. When comes to tweezing, don't be scary that it's a device which is going to harm you. Be cool this can make your skin loose to enjoy painless tweezing.

Because I remember the first scary pain of tweezing which make the skin tough to move with tweezers. Also, when you tweeze your face use spring type tweezer to shape eyebrows and remove hairs in the upper lip.

This spring type tweezers can be used for entire facial hair removal. There are also best tweezers in the market for facial hair removal which you can use by nailing the protective or facial cap in it.

You can remove the hair in the entire body just by a device by adjusting the attachments provided. In the tweezing world, there are best products to remove hair even from our genitals.

These tweezers come with hypoallergenic blades and antimicrobial shield for a high degree of sanitary reasons, particularly in genitals. So I am having the confidence boosting that I am safe.

The one more thing is it is too affordable that once if I pick the best tweezer for the entire body, I can be free for at least a year. I am free from waiting for appointments in spas and I can adjust my schedule according to my need.

Even though the hair removal sessions of princess are not to be admitted the truth, I will as I am responsible for painless hair removal sessions of the princess.

Also, the teens like us can't get appointments in spas in the last minute calls of BF's. So daringly, I would invest money in the hair removal techie of tweezing.

Also, the teens like us can't get appointments in spas in the last minute calls of BF's. So daringly, I would invest money in the hair removal techie of tweezing.

I will always use the tweezers in the shower, which is a painless tip, all my secret friends know! I am too shy to show all my body to anyone, so I would never step out for the hair removal session for the spa.

This tweezer makes me comfortable in the home itself. For me the tweezing hair removal techie equates the professional awful waxing, even exceeds the span for 4-5 weeks. Let's tweeze the pros and cons of a techie.


  • Perfectly affordable for entire body hair removal.
  • Lasts up to 4-5 weeks.
  • Comfortable with attachments for the entire body.
  • Painless when gently tweezed.
  • High degree of sanitary reasons.
  • Easy for facial hair removal too!
  • Protects with an antimicrobial shield in sensitive genitals.
  • Trendy and comfortable.
  • No more red bumps after 1-2 hours.
  • Cuts off up to 0.5mm of root hair.


  • Picking the best tweezer is only the deal.

Best harvester or plucker of hair award goes to...!

I am felicitated to award this best plucker and harvester of hairs. It's none other than tweezing. In my experience of hair removal session, I would dare confidently to use the tweezing techie for the entire body, also it's not a great deal to spend at least $30-50 for my beauty secret.

I could manage the appointments of hair removal sessions in my home as per my busy schedule! So who is the winner of your hair removal sessions princess? Let's make felicitation, but I need a perfect justice on the comments page of your secret friend!

Best epilator reviews for women: Ready to pluck off hairs on princess!


"I ensure that you too are miss epilators, once you're all done with epilator reviews." This is an interesting segment of epiltors as all princess would love to read gossips on other's reviews, will you make me too as member of the session!

Sure, I hope that my best secret friend would join with me! Let's become engineer's on epilator. I am always trendy and would adhere to new launch best epilators.

So here is the most important epilator hair removal reviews of your best secret as well as dirty friend! We may now research on our project of the year, "Best epilator reviews 2016."

I am too lazy and hence will research only on top 5 best epilator reviews. I know that we princess are quite smart and would pick the best reviewed product within these 5 epilators.

Just hold my hands in our project of the year. I am now going to swim in the technical world with my favorite best epilator for Brazilian bikini outfit!

Top 5 best epilator reviews for princess!

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579:


This brauny epilator stick is most branded as well as smooth for epilation sessions. This stick can be used both in wet as well as dry epilation.

I would always adhere in using this stick in shower as I can epilate without pain. This brauny stick has 40% wider head and hence epilates my skin very fast with only a max of two passes of tweezing.

This brauny stick suits well for facial hair removal as well as my coarse hair areas like under arms, legs and so on. In sensitive areas, for safety reasons, I would attach the facial cap and epilate gently.

This epilator stick is easy to hold as it includes micro grip technology with 40 tweezers. This stick is cordless and would recharge it for one hour and would hide it in my hand bag while I am on trips.

The brauny 9 series also has 7 accessories on which it's worth of paying the high price. But would be more better if there are built in lightings to check out my left out root hairs.

I was excited that this brauny stick epilates up to 0.5mm of my root hairs and lasts for more than 2-3 weeks. This stick epilates as well as relieve me from stress with the massage head.

Also, when I epilate in bikini lines, I would take 20 minutes with this silky smooth braun stick, which is the most speedy according to my epilation experience. Let's list the pros and cons of this braun stick and its epilator reviews.


  • Weeds well for the siky smooth beauties and hasty busy women.
  • Vanishes the root hairs up to 0.5mm.
  • Works well in facial & bikini lines too!
  • Fastest epilation.


  • No built in lightings.
  • Prices are too high!

Remington EP7030:


It's no need to explain about this guy to you princess in the world of epilators. I know that all princess would have heard about this Remington brand of epilator reviews. This Remington is the most professional brand in epilation hair removal session.

This epilator stick is 100% water proofed and hence you princess can epilate by enjoying in the shower too! This epilator stick is cordless and no more recharging with husky musky fights from your boyfriend's iphone.

I will epilate with this Remington stick at the financial year ends as I am wrecked completely in my business world. Sure, this guy lasts for more than six weeks without any needs to epilate my skin.

This Remington stick includes distinct heads like precision cap and massage cap too. The precision cap is for my sensitive areas like facial and some line with tough areas.

This epilator stick is easily washable and would maintain this stick very clean for later use. This epilator stick has 40 tweezers which is suitable for coarse hair as well as peach hair areas in my body.

Also, this stick has 2 years of warranty and which makes me excited. This stick is less than one full leg hair removal session in spa, so readily I would invest my beauty secret on this stick for epilation.

This stick can be adjusted in duo speeds according to the area on which I epilate. This epilator stick also has detailed lightings to completely vanish my root hairs. I am going to list the folds and unfolds of this Remington epilator reviews.


  • Perfect pro brand for epilation.
  • Epilates even for coarse hairs.
  • Wet/dry usage.
  • Precision cap and massage roller as extras. Massaging cap is with Aloe vera.
  • Detail lightings.
  • Lasts for about5-6 weeks. Cuts off hairs up to 0.5mm. Epilates from face to legs.
  • Rechargeable/ cordless11.
  • 2 years of warranty.


  • Price is moderate.
  • Some princess think this stick as painful.

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator:


Do you think I am horsy? Always searching for epilators! No, I am just trying to become too horsy like celebrities! In all seasons, whether it may be winter or summer, I need to epilate my root hairs to be confident among my folks.

Even though I am sick with some allergies or fever, I can't leave my root hairs as it is. Also, I don't want these bad infected ingrown hair, I have to pluck these idiots who are peeping in my skin.

So in these circumstances at which high degree of hygienic epilator is required, I would pick this as this stick is having the anti microbial shield to make my feverish epilation better.

This stick is patented with 36 hypo allergic tweezer blades which are pure gold plated. This stick is excellent for removing the hairs in legs, underarms, bikini lines and the most important part is no pain or red bumps when handled properly.

This guy is too richy in outlook and is grippe in hands for epilation sessions, particularly in legs, underarms and so on. Cuts off the root hairs in my body up to 0.5mm and lasts for long span.

I won't dare to epilate my face with this stick as this possesses 36 gold plated tweezers and no caps to fix for facial area. I know that my face wouldn't be perfect with pimples or red bumps. Without boring you too much with this stick let's talk about merits, demerits and emjoi epilator reviews.


  • Protects the skin with antimicrobial shield.
  • 36 gold plated tweezers.
  • Particularly for sensitive areas with allergic issues.
  • Long lasting epilation session and plucks off up to 0.5mm.
  • Best epilator reviews for legs, under arms.


  • I am not daring to use this stick in my face.
  • No lightings.

[5 in 1] Hangsun Facial Epilator F510:


This is my present favourite and trendy epilator with the most affordable price for epilation need right from my face to toe. The most special thing about this hangsun stick is, this is 5 in 1.

I have just ordered this epilator and using it from the start of September. I can specially epilate my face and sensitive areas with facial cap and cleaning brush.

I will jump out at bath tub and by singing my favourite songs I would epilate my skin. This stick epilates as perfect as high cost brands up to 0.5mm.

I suggest this epilator stick to all princess who look for low-range price and attachments. This stick also relieves me from stresses with massage head. Also, pedicure hard skin hair remover cap enables my legs epilation more faster as well as leaves no red marks or pain in my skin.

This epilator stick is rechargeable and I have this beauty secret always in my accessories bag. This stick is too hygienic that there is no shed hairs after epilation and if at all there, I would rarely attach the cleaning brush.

If I am using this epilator within one week, I would attach the trim head and epilate as there is only less number of root hairs to epilate.

This stick also reduced my wrinkles on the face by massaging. The only con is that it's not lighted, but I could better site things and so I don't require it. I think this may be one of epilator with the best epilator reviews 2016 at the end of the year.


  • Trendy and affordable price with all attachments.
  • Makes the epilation last for long span and takes off root hairs till 0.5mm faster & better.
  • Painless epilation.
  • Cordless/ easy to travel with.
  • 5 distinct usage and massages perfectly to shape wrinkles.
  • Suits for both coarse hair as well as sensitive hair epilation without any harm.
  • Best epilator for face to bikini lines.


  • No lightings.

Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator:


Probably, you princess while entering the world of epilators would know about this best merchant of epilators. Obviously, this is the best selling epilator, my wild guess is maybe due to the great affordable price.

This epilator stick is affordable as well as does the task perfectly. Before I was using this epilator when I am not too crazy on using the epilator stick. This stick can epilate the face and sensitive bikini lines with protective cap without pain.

This stick is suited for both of my peach and coarse hair regions, as it includes 21 hypo allergic blades. The hypo allergic blades make me free from allergies and red bumps.

You may think that whether I had never felt the pain of red bumps? My answer is, me too had felt the pain and red bumps, but only at start up of epilation techie. Once you princess have mastered up in epilation, then sure you would never feel any irritations in any regions including bikini lines.

This stick is made of duo speed for distinct sensitive areas and angles. This epilator is ergonomically designed not to cause pain for the princess and to fit perfectly in hands.

This stick is awesome in epilating multiple hairs at same time. Also, this stick is easily washable with water and adjusts better to my clean habits. So the only con is there is no built in lights.


  • Best seller with affordable price.
  • Epilates with 21 hypo allergic tweezers.
  • Sanitary for usage.
  • Trendy and ergonomic.
  • Weeds for both peach and coarse hair areas.
  • Protective caps for sensitive areas.


  • No built in lightings.

Please approve my engineering degree in epilator reviews!

Sure, I didn't bore you princess like the professors of engineering classes. If you approve my epilation engineering degree with your signs in comments page with percentage.

I would be felicitated! Sure, now you're mastered in epilation device engineering, if there are any doubts in epilator machine, I am here to clear that at any time!

How to get rid of hair bumps on my skin? This wrecks my comfy!

"Oh god! Alas! These black bumps come out of my red skin."


Is there any permanent solution to get rid of the hair bumps? I am going to trot for this solution, also, if there are any natural treatments I would be happy! I am too shy and guilty to show my razor bumps to others.

It's too yucky, so I need some natural products or cream to get rid of these hair bumps. The most important trot of mine is for hair bumps on a private area, that is my bikini lines.

It's very uncomfortable to show my bikini lines hair bumps even to my physician, so I am searching for the best natural as well as home remedies for razor bumps.

I don't know why these hair bumps come on my bikini lines in particular. This is the most sensitive area and tough skinned part, but don't know why these idiotic razors cause bumps!

I don't like the hair removal creams for my bikini lines as they smell bad, even if they are flavored with roses. Also, after watching the final destination 5 movie, I don't dare to use the laser hair removal techie in my bikini lines.

I am wondered that even though I gently move the trimmer in bikini lines, there are hair bumps in my skin. So now I have got many best home remedies for razor bumps.

I am just going to help you princess for getting rid of the hair bumps. Also, many of my secret friends on the blog asked about this query. Let's check out for these best treatment for razor bumps!

Why these hair bumps come out of the skin?


Hair bumps may be one of the significant problems all princess would have faced in hair removal session. Some princess would have the hair bumps on legs, neck and bikini lines. If there are the hair bumps on the legs or neck it can be solved and it would not make us too much discomfort.

The hard part is preventing razor bumps in genital areas, the problematic query all princess would have! Even me too! Also, the discomfort in genital areas has the chances of becoming cervical cancer too!

I am just stuck with the hair bumps in my bikini lines, particularly in my pubic time! It makes me uncomfortable as well as I would often shed tears because of these irritating idiots!

So now the problem of hair bumps can be solved by knowing answer for a single query of all princess that "how do you get razor bumps?." Yes, we can't solve any problem without knowing the cause. So I am going to list the reasons why we princess gets the hair bumps.

  • The Foremost reason is we would often epilate or raze the bikini lines to get rid of short hairs too! To make us as the horsy girl we would often trim the short hairs too! Maybe every day in the shower.
  • The small bumps may bulge due to our urge to scratch the irritating idiots.
  • Due to the use of razors or epilators with rusty blades.
  • Hair removal session will be in dry usage.
  • We may use some low-quality razors without hypoallergenic blades or antimicrobial shield.
  • We must train to better epilate gently against the bikini lines hair.
  • The holding angle of hair removal device may be wrong which may create hair bumps to the most.

Am I right? You'd have made these any one of the mistakes while epilating your baby skin. Now, I think you've better analysed why you got the hair bumps on legs, neck and genitals, so please checkout some best epilators for hair removal session.

So let's know how to get rid of hair bumps fast. I am sure that you princess would feel the confidence and comfy after the hair bumps vanish within 2-3 weeks.

How to get rid of hair bumps?


You princess are now getting into the real solution for the problem, so be cool and check out the appropriate ergonomic remedies for your hair bumps. 

I know that there are permanent hair removal methods like laser hair removal, waxing and electrolysis. But as physicians say that laser rays are more strong, I don't want these strong ways in my genitals particularly.

Prior to getting into the remedies, vanish these reasons of hair bumps by following these instructions.

  • Be patient, let the hair in the areas grow a bit out. Let them grow up to at least your skin, then you may shave or epilate in the hair bump areas.
  • Try resisting your hand not to scratch the irritating idiot. This makes a bit relieved from the irritations. Resist up till you can, also if there is a need to scratch, make a towel wet and tap on the hair bumps.
  • Try the hair removal session in the shower. This would help you to relieve pain as well as hair bumps.
  • Pick the best reviewed hair removal device with hypoallergenic blades or tweezers for epilating in hair bumps. Be sure it's also shielded with antimicrobial action.
  • Hold the device in 90 degrees from the area at which you're going to trim.
  • Tap the towel with wet water instead of rubbing the hairy bumps.
  • Use some foams in tweezer blades before epilation.
  • Try using some hair serums organic or processed with Aloe Vera, salicylic acid or glycolic acids. This can make a bit relieved from pain much faster.

Also, there are some home remedies for the hair bumps. At this moment, you would be a bit aware of the answers for how to shave and not get bumps. Let's move to natural hair bumps solutions.

Aloe Vera gel or flesh:


Some princess would be too smart and hence would have planted some Aloe Vera plants. If you belong this crew, then obviously you're lucky. Take some aloe vera flesh by peeling of the outer shell with a knife. Then apply the flesh in the hair bumps region.

Let the paste dry for 10 minutes. After that wash with the water or make a short shower and tap the towel in the bumpy areas. The princess with aloe vera gel can apply the gel instead of aloe flesh.

Try this for one week between two days interval. Sure, you princess would know better properties of Aloe as they can be used to deter dander cells.



Honey have proved to cure red bumps to a greater extent. It may be sticky and could be tough to remove the peels. Instead, apply the honey in the areas and then shower.

So that there is no more infection in the affected area. If you feel that honey would be yucky in skin, mix it with yogurt and try the paste. This remedy is based on the antimicrobial property of honey.

Lemon or orange juice:


This is the most obvious and easy way to get rid of hair bumps. Extract some of the juices from lemon or orange and apply it to the regions with hair bumps.

After leaving the juice up to ten minutes, rinse off with cold water. Tap with a towel, avoid rubbing the bumps with a towel.

Papaya flesh:


Papaya can cure even Dengue fever, why can't this cure your hair bumps. The papaya flesh has special properties to seal your irritations in the skin and make the regions glow.

This is why the golden facial packs in spas utilize the papaya packs. So this is my best home remedy for hair bumps. Just peel off the skin, seeds and separate the papaya flesh alone.

Apply the papaya flesh gently and massage it for two minutes. Then let the juice extract rest in the area. After 10-15 minutes, rinse with cold water. This can be done even after your facial epilation for instant glowy skin.

Try this hair bump treatment every day or two days once for a max of 1-2 weeks depending on the hair bumps texture and size. If you princess are at the beginning stage of hair bumps, only one week is enough. This is my most effective hair bumps treatment session.



Princess, I would never suggest the waxing, electrolysis or laser hair removal techie in bikini lines particularly as this is the most sensitive area in our body. If at all any accidents, it would be just embarrassing.

So try these home remedies instead of trying these hair removal techies. I would neglect the hair creams as they are chemicals, how come I would agree these strong laser rays in genitals.

It's better to epilate even two weeks once without these laser treatments and painy waxing. There is the another important news to you princess.

Warning! If you're a pregnant or breastfeeding mother, avoid the Retin-A cream in hair bumps with genitals, this can have adverse birth effects.

Instead, try Neosporin, Bacitracin, Polysporin creams for hair bumps. Also, you may use the Tend ingrown hair serum or Kerah Lane organic razor bumps which work best after my epilation session.

The Tend serum is the best seller and there are 2K satisfied princess in this ingrown hair serum. If you're looking for natural products like me then go for Kerah hair serum. Sure after using this serum and natural treatments, you would relieve from hair bumps.

Strike the world in comfy!

Sure, you would know to get rid of hair bumps on neck, legs and genitals too! From this moment, you're not a victim scratching and having guilts on hair bumps.

Once if you're all done with these hair bumps treatment, share your experience with this best secret friend! Also, share the confidence bursting comfy moments with me! Boom the world with your baby skin and glow flawlessly as a princess!