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Copyright Policy of Miss Epilator

The following copyright policy of miss Epilator tells the princess that you're welcome to steal my secrets from my blog to your heart but not more than that boundary.

Every word, views and beauty secrets in miss Epilator depicts my personal experience and views, hence I need the privacy policy from you queens. If you reveal my views and contents outside my blog, then for sure I would be in chaos and must answer my folks.

Princess and queens who are visiting my blog to steal the beauty secrets are completely responsible for the usage information of Epilators. Don't scold me by using the Epilators hardly with the anger and blame my blog.

The beauty secrets in my blog or personal experience and I do not provide any warranty or guarantee for the products. But I can warranty you that my beauty secrets would work for you too!

My blog would never take responsibilities for third parties damage in my secret views. Also, you princess and budding celebrities are responsible for picking up the Epilators and other products promoted in my secret pages.

Also, warn you that the secrets and usage guides are owned by copyrights law. Sure you princess would never steal the secrets and views to any other perverts.

The photos, design layout, graphics, products furnished in my blog are from personal experience and also if you steal, you may suffer copyrights issues. However, I would often update the trendy Epilator secrets and products on my blog, so often check out the best products list princess!

I have perfect copyrights law for my concern and the blog is abide by a set of rules and regulations. The copywriting, duplication of my views is strictly prohibited by another princess. The secrets, photos, graphics, design layout must not be duplicated by another princess without my knowledge!

Princess, queens, and budding celebrities can view or buy the Epilators and other products on my blog but must not reveal my beauty secrets to other persons for commercial or non-commercial purposes. If you're ready to steal my beauty secrets from my blog, then you must pay me by accepting the copyrights law.

Also, if you steal any of my beauty secrets, photos, images, graphics, design layout, then I will claim your money as you've offended my blog rules. Even the third parties could stick and abide by the laws of my beauty secrets blog.

I will be directing you to other links, it's just to make you more gloomy and flawless. But if there are any links to other websites, it's not my responsibility. On the whole, you princess should never ever steal my secrets from the blog, if at all you want, you should be ready to claims by my blog!