How to exfoliate your legs naturally and get gorgeous legs on skirts? - Secrets sessions of princess & her epilation

How to exfoliate your legs naturally and get gorgeous legs on skirts?

How to exfoliate your legs naturally

"How to exfoliate your legs naturally?" Is this is the confusion ahead on your epilation sessions princess? Feeling yucky to search on Google or Yahoo for answers from the bath tub? No matter! You can read up quickly and vanish your dead cells as well as queries on exfoliation like a breeze!

Always, beauty is a concern for women. It's gender nature, and you can hold the fact. Even if you are married or unmarried, women are always cautious about their beauty.

When you step out with biki, skirts or shorts, don't your legs need to be gorgeous? Yaa, summer is on! We have to take care of our legs to the most. Have you set aside the plans for the holiday? You need to wear skirts on this summer and hence trying to be gorgeous, right? Yup! You can be a gorgeous princess with simple exfoliation!

Let's rinse into the exfoliation tips!

Why do you need to exfoliate your body?

Why do you need to exfoliate your body

In generic, our human body as like our Pugs or Pomeranians sheds dander cells. But, unlike our pet's they don't show off. Our dander cells wipe off during a bath, or some may have white rashes or itching due to dander cells. We may notice these dead cells unless we experience discomfort on legs or any other part of the body.

Some may not have experienced this white rash on legs or hands but may have ingrown hairs. Yes! Exfoliation can also prevent ingrown hairs. Now, you have the confidence that exfoliation would make you gorgeous, right?

Ingrown hairs are always a discomfort, and as I am a peach-haired girl, I don't face these risky circumstances. But, still, exfoliation keeps my skin smooth, silky and even more gorgeous. Hence, I thought why not share this with all of my secret friends? And now I am...

How to exfoliate your legs naturally with homemade ingredients?

You can easily exfoliate your skin with some easily available homemade ingredients. You need not purchase some highly expensive products to exfoliate your skin. Some of the veggies and fruits can be the best exfoliating agents as they include anti-oxidants on them. Let me help you with exfoliating methods!

Banana Sugar Syrup

How to exfoliate your legs naturally with homemade ingredients

Banana and sugar can exfoliate your legs and skin to shed the dead dander cells. You need not purchase some fresh banana to exfoliate your skin. You would have already purchased banana, but it would have been spoilt without noticing it in your freezer. Squeeze those bananas; they are rich in sugar and anti-oxidants, which can exfoliate your skin.

Bananas, turn juicy, yucky and brown in color, the antioxidant property in the fruit increases. Squeeze and mash it up into a paste and add sugar. One or two spoons of sugar are enough for exfoliating your legs. Just apply the paste and gently massage it in your legs.

You are done with homemade exfoliation. Your dander cells shed and you are going to look silky, smooth, gorgeous in biki on your holiday trips!

Papaya flesh or ice cube

How to exfoliate your legs naturally with homemade ingredients - papaya

If you are papaya lover, then try exfoliating the legs with papaya. You need not add bananas and sugar. A single papaya fruit does the replacement of bananas and sugars. Just peel off the skin and seeds from papaya and slice it into cubic pieces. Apply the flesh on your legs and massage it for 10-15 minutes. Rest the paste on your legs for 5-7 minutes until it dries.

If you feel yucky to apply papaya flesh on legs, then make papaya juice. Extract the juice of papaya flesh and pour it into a glass or ice cube mold. You will get papaya ice cubes which can be used for exfoliation. Just take those papaya ice cubes and exfoliate your legs. Leave the juice to rest on your legs. You will get gorgeous legs on this summer!

Exfoliating scrubs or gloves

Exfoliating gloves

If you have no ingrown hairs or in need of exfoliation only to get smooth skin, then use exfoliation scrubs or gloves. Many exfoliation gloves and scrubs are available on the market, but make sure you pick the right one. Body scrubs can also be utilized for exfoliation.

Exfoliate before epilating your skin. The process of exfoliation prevents ingrown hairs and helps you gain closer shave. As you rinse your body, exfoliate the legs with the gloves or scrubs and then massage the legs for 5-7 minutes. Exfoliation keeps the dermatologist away from you!

How often to exfoliate your legs? Daily or Weekly?

How often to exfoliate your legs

You may exfoliate your legs daily if possible. But, try exfoliating once in two days during shower. Many chemical exfoliating agents are available but don't stick to those unless you have thick hairy skin.

My all time favorite exfoliation method is papaya flesh. It can exfoliate your skin and make you glow as a princess. Even, before parties or celebrations, I would just scrub my face with papaya, rather than going to the spa. I have 10-15 minutes in my routine to exfoliate my face. Every day, before going to bed, I would exfoliate my face with papaya, and that's my beauty secret!

Exfoliate your legs once in two days, if you have a busy schedule, then try exfoliating once in a week. Always hold on to natural exfoliates, than going for chemical exfoliates. Chemical Exfoliates may have some itching, rashes in sensitive skin. I would always recommend you, princess, to stick on natural exfoliates!

After exfoliation

Exfoliate your legs and then rinse with cold water. If you are exfoliating your face, then use cold milk or ice cubes for rinsing the skin. All done you are going to be a rock star on this holiday trip! You can now tutor others how to exfoliate legs!

Say Cheese with no itchy

You princess need not worry about the ingrown hairs peeping out from your miniskirts, shorts or biki. Share these exfoliation secrets to your friends and start enjoying the holiday trips together!

If you have any DIY secrets to exfoliate your skin, then please let other princesses try it. Put the DIY ideas in the comments page below!

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