How to get rid of hair bumps on my baby skin? This is too sensitive!

How to get rid of hair bumps on my skin? This wrecks my comfy!

"Oh god! Alas! These black bumps come out of my red skin."


Is there any permanent solution to get rid of the hair bumps? I am going to trot for this solution, also, if there are any natural treatments I would be happy! I am too shy and guilty to show my razor bumps to others.

It's too yucky, so I need some natural products or cream to get rid of these hair bumps. The most important trot of mine is for hair bumps on a private area, that is my bikini lines.

It's very uncomfortable to show my bikini lines hair bumps even to my physician, so I am searching for the best natural as well as home remedies for razor bumps.

I don't know why these hair bumps come on my bikini lines in particular. This is the most sensitive area and tough skinned part, but don't know why these idiotic razors cause bumps!

I don't like the hair removal creams for my bikini lines as they smell bad, even if they are flavored with roses. Also, after watching the final destination 5 movie, I don't dare to use the laser hair removal techie in my bikini lines.

I am wondered that even though I gently move the trimmer in bikini lines, there are hair bumps in my skin. So now I have got many best home remedies for razor bumps.

I am just going to help you princess for getting rid of the hair bumps. Also, many of my secret friends on the blog asked about this query. Let's check out for these best treatment for razor bumps!

Why these hair bumps come out of the skin?


Hair bumps may be one of the significant problems all princess would have faced in hair removal session. Some princess would have the hair bumps on legs, neck and bikini lines. If there are the hair bumps on the legs or neck it can be solved and it would not make us too much discomfort.

The hard part is preventing razor bumps in genital areas, the problematic query all princess would have! Even me too! Also, the discomfort in genital areas has the chances of becoming cervical cancer too!

I am just stuck with the hair bumps in my bikini lines, particularly in my pubic time! It makes me uncomfortable as well as I would often shed tears because of these irritating idiots!

So now the problem of hair bumps can be solved by knowing answer for a single query of all princess that "how do you get razor bumps?." Yes, we can't solve any problem without knowing the cause. So I am going to list the reasons why we princess gets the hair bumps.

  • The Foremost reason is we would often epilate or raze the bikini lines to get rid of short hairs too! To make us as the horsy girl we would often trim the short hairs too! Maybe every day in the shower.
  • The small bumps may bulge due to our urge to scratch the irritating idiots.
  • Due to the use of razors or epilators with rusty blades.
  • Hair removal session will be in dry usage.
  • We may use some low-quality razors without hypoallergenic blades or antimicrobial shield.
  • We must train to better epilate gently against the bikini lines hair.
  • The holding angle of hair removal device may be wrong which may create hair bumps to the most.

Am I right? You'd have made these any one of the mistakes while epilating your baby skin. Now, I think you've better analysed why you got the hair bumps on legs, neck and genitals, so please checkout some best epilators for hair removal session.

So let's know how to get rid of hair bumps fast. I am sure that you princess would feel the confidence and comfy after the hair bumps vanish within 2-3 weeks.

How to get rid of hair bumps?


You princess are now getting into the real solution for the problem, so be cool and check out the appropriate ergonomic remedies for your hair bumps. 

I know that there are permanent hair removal methods like laser hair removal, waxing and electrolysis. But as physicians say that laser rays are more strong, I don't want these strong ways in my genitals particularly.

Prior to getting into the remedies, vanish these reasons of hair bumps by following these instructions.

  • Be patient, let the hair in the areas grow a bit out. Let them grow up to at least your skin, then you may shave or epilate in the hair bump areas.
  • Try resisting your hand not to scratch the irritating idiot. This makes a bit relieved from the irritations. Resist up till you can, also if there is a need to scratch, make a towel wet and tap on the hair bumps.
  • Try the hair removal session in the shower. This would help you to relieve pain as well as hair bumps.
  • Pick the best reviewed hair removal device with hypoallergenic blades or tweezers for epilating in hair bumps. Be sure it's also shielded with antimicrobial action.
  • Hold the device in 90 degrees from the area at which you're going to trim.
  • Tap the towel with wet water instead of rubbing the hairy bumps.
  • Use some foams in tweezer blades before epilation.
  • Try using some hair serums organic or processed with Aloe Vera, salicylic acid or glycolic acids. This can make a bit relieved from pain much faster.

Also, there are some home remedies for the hair bumps. At this moment, you would be a bit aware of the answers for how to shave and not get bumps. Let's move to natural hair bumps solutions.

Aloe Vera gel or flesh:


Some princess would be too smart and hence would have planted some Aloe Vera plants. If you belong this crew, then obviously you're lucky. Take some aloe vera flesh by peeling of the outer shell with a knife. Then apply the flesh in the hair bumps region.

Let the paste dry for 10 minutes. After that wash with the water or make a short shower and tap the towel in the bumpy areas. The princess with aloe vera gel can apply the gel instead of aloe flesh.

Try this for one week between two days interval. Sure, you princess would know better properties of Aloe as they can be used to deter dander cells.



Honey have proved to cure red bumps to a greater extent. It may be sticky and could be tough to remove the peels. Instead, apply the honey in the areas and then shower.

So that there is no more infection in the affected area. If you feel that honey would be yucky in skin, mix it with yogurt and try the paste. This remedy is based on the antimicrobial property of honey.

Lemon or orange juice:


This is the most obvious and easy way to get rid of hair bumps. Extract some of the juices from lemon or orange and apply it to the regions with hair bumps.

After leaving the juice up to ten minutes, rinse off with cold water. Tap with a towel, avoid rubbing the bumps with a towel.

Papaya flesh:


Papaya can cure even Dengue fever, why can't this cure your hair bumps. The papaya flesh has special properties to seal your irritations in the skin and make the regions glow.

This is why the golden facial packs in spas utilize the papaya packs. So this is my best home remedy for hair bumps. Just peel off the skin, seeds and separate the papaya flesh alone.

Apply the papaya flesh gently and massage it for two minutes. Then let the juice extract rest in the area. After 10-15 minutes, rinse with cold water. This can be done even after your facial epilation for instant glowy skin.

Try this hair bump treatment every day or two days once for a max of 1-2 weeks depending on the hair bumps texture and size. If you princess are at the beginning stage of hair bumps, only one week is enough. This is my most effective hair bumps treatment session.



Princess, I would never suggest the waxing, electrolysis or laser hair removal techie in bikini lines particularly as this is the most sensitive area in our body. If at all any accidents, it would be just embarrassing.

So try these home remedies instead of trying these hair removal techies. I would neglect the hair creams as they are chemicals, how come I would agree these strong laser rays in genitals.

It's better to epilate even two weeks once without these laser treatments and painy waxing. There is the another important news to you princess.

Warning! If you're a pregnant or breastfeeding mother, avoid the Retin-A cream in hair bumps with genitals, this can have adverse birth effects.

Instead, try Neosporin, Bacitracin, Polysporin creams for hair bumps. Also, you may use the Tend ingrown hair serum or Kerah Lane organic razor bumps which work best after my epilation session.

The Tend serum is the best seller and there are 2K satisfied princess in this ingrown hair serum. If you're looking for natural products like me then go for Kerah hair serum. Sure after using this serum and natural treatments, you would relieve from hair bumps.

Strike the world in comfy!

Sure, you would know to get rid of hair bumps on neck, legs and genitals too! From this moment, you're not a victim scratching and having guilts on hair bumps.

Once if you're all done with these hair bumps treatment, share your experience with this best secret friend! Also, share the confidence bursting comfy moments with me! Boom the world with your baby skin and glow flawlessly as a princess!

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