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Privacy Policy

Missepilator converges to the privacy policy of the princess and queens who come to my website. You should maintain my secrets as well as I will maintain your queries and suggestions in my blog. This privacy statement of missepilator tells you the terms and standards of my blog.

My blog's privacy policy also focuses on the princess information and security reasons as you're going to be the celebrity on one fine day. My blog's privacy statements remain stable and constant does not change as like the trendy Epilator's update. So the princess are free to read the privacy policy only once.

Princess privacy terms:

Missepilator does not ask any information from princess, if at all I ask for any products purchase, I promise you to maintain your personal secrets. It's my responsibility to secure your secrets and no worries about your secrets after you're in my blog.

Also, if you use any credit/debit card information for purchasing in my blog, that will be used for only that purpose. You may contact me for queries and suggestion without any hesitations, I will protect your secret contact information.

If you princess deny my trendy mails and updates, then you may unsubscribe my mails. My blog would inform you about the trendy and new launch best epilators and hair removal products to your mails often.

I will never forward your furnished information to any other commercial or non-commercial persons. As well as, I am not the authorized person to share the princess secrets to any other persons or third parties.

I would voluntarily ask for your comments and query in my blog regarding your epilation experiences. My blog would never disclose your secrets to any third parties or other links.

Generic privacy for princess:

Missepilator doesn't furnish on any generic information on the contents and products related to epilation secrets. As well, if this happens other's can't access your secret information of you princess. My blog will automatically gather your IP address in order to fetch details of number of princess visited missepiltor.

This data is only to help you with best epilation needs. Missepilator accomplishes the task by using the legal technology of my blog rules. My blog is not combined with other blogs or links particularly in terms of legal technology. Missepilator will provide you the information about new launch and trendy products for your epilation needs.

Third party links:

Missepilator have third party links as I have shared my personal secrets and experiences in my life. But I would link you to the relevant information and products promoted in my blog. I didn't provide any privacy policy to any third party links and the details of the princess if shared on my blog. Please be sure on the privacy policy of missepilator before utilizing the products and secrets furnished in my blog!

If you have any questions regarding this policy, or your dealings with our website, please contact us