Remington epilator reviews! Start soothing your skin without root hair!

Remington epilator reviews! Epilate your skin & glow flawlessly!


Remington is one of the favorite brands of a princess for its long lasting smoothness on the skin. Remington is one of the professional brands which lasts the skin hair free for 4-5 weeks. Remington tweezers are provided with the Aloe strips to make the hair removal session painless.

Remington has made every product with great care for perfect ergonomic usage of the princess. Their products are provided with the micro grip technology to make your epilation easy and comfortable. The one more significant feature of the Remington brand is they have made the tweezers with the hygienic hypo-allergenic blades and the laser with the FDA approved pulse limits. Sure, you princess would not face any harm with any of the Remington products if the usage is 100% perfect.

Here are my picks for you princess on the Remington products. This Remi guy can be taken home by choosing him, especially for your skin tone! I pick the products of Remi from face to toe on distinct hair removal methods too!

Remington EP1050


Remi guy of this version is most suitable for the facial hair removal. I love this guy's outfit as I own the coral colored one which is too adorable and girly color. This Remi guy has only 6 tweezers and hence would never harm my face.

Even if I am scary with these 6 tweezers, I would just nail the protective cap and start the facial epilation. This Remi is easy to hold as this guy is weightless. This guy can be taken to my trips as he is battery operated. Only AA battery is enough for my facial makeover.

This Remi guy makes me stress less by his lasting facial epilation. For me, it lasts for more than 4 weeks. I would just epilate on my eyebrows, upper lip, chin, forehead. But, still, my forehead will sometimes be left, as I am peach faced. I would never use this on my bikini lines only because this has the less number of tweezers. Because using this on my face and then biki lines will be discomfort. You can clean up the shed hairs with the cleaning brush provided with the kit of this Remi.

This Remi guy suits perfectly for a sensitive princess like me. So if you princess is one of the crews belonging to sensitive skin, then join 290+ princess on this Remi guy's epilation session. The one care about this Remi guy is there are no built-in lightings for detail hair removal!

Hereby we can list the pros and cons of this Facial Remi guy!


  • Weeds perfect for sensitive skin
  • Perfect facial epilation kit
  • Epilation lasts longer
  • Battery operated
  • Dry usage
  • Protective cap for extra care
  • Affordable price


  • Not for entire body epilation
  • No built-in lightings

Remington (EP6010)


This Remi guy can be used for the body epilation. You princess can epilate your legs, underarms, arms and other areas with the powerful 42 tweezer head. If you epilate in the sensitive skin, you can adjust the speed as this Remi guy has 2-speed epilation. You can use the first speed when you epilate in the sensitive areas.

You can easily glide over the body as the Remi guy is engineered with curved epilation head. This Remi can be used only in corded manner, so arrange any plug points near your bath tub. You can clean up the shed hairs with the cleaning brush provided in the Remi guy's kit. You can also nail the protective cap for the sensitive bikini lines epilation session.

One thing we have to look out for this Remi guy is there are no built-in lightings to make over your detail hair removal sessions. You can pass two or three epilations if you are a peach-haired princess but may take more passes if you are coarse-haired. But, this passes lasts longer for more than 3-4 weeks. You princess can grab this Remi guy for coarse hair removal sessions as this Remi guy is loved by 200+ princess.

You can now sort out the pros and cons of this Remi guy!


  • Two-speed epilation
  • 42 tweezers with hygienic blades
  • 2 years warranty
  • Curved epilation head
  • Protective caps
  • Affordable price
  • Lasts longer for more than 3-4 weeks


  • No built-in lightings
  • Corded
  • Wet usage is not permissible

Remington EP7030

This Remi guy is total coverage epilation device. Right from your face to toe, you can epilate with this Remi guy who is adorably designed with purple. You can nail the attachments according to the epilation session, and grab the better painless epilation experience. You can use this guy in both dry and wet circumstances. So princess, jump in your shower for painless epilation.

You can relieve from this epilation session for max 6 weeks if you are a peach-haired princess. You are provided with the two-speed adjustments to curl over the sensitive biki lines, face area and other curvy areas. You can nail the pivoting head to epilate the legs, arms, underarms and other coarse hair areas. But, still, if you are sensitive princess feeling scared of pain, then you may use the facial hair removal head, which can lower the number of tweezers as well as the pain.

You must be patient enough for a longer session of epilation with this rechargeable Remi guy. You can also relieve stress with the help of massaging cap provided by Aloe strips. These 40 tweezers Remi guy can be adjusted upon your body curves with speeds and precision caps. Hence this guy can perfectly weed the epilation session of both peach and coarse hair princess.

You princess will be provided with the power adapter to charge this Remi guy. You can clean up the hairs on the skin with the Remi guy's cleaning brush. You can also epilate after the detail lightings are flashed on your skin with this Remi guy's eye. The most important fact about this guy is an affordable price for full body epilation. You have to epilate only in the absence of your BF princess. Otherwise, this Remi guy would reveal your beauty secret, as he is louder. Join with this Remi guys epilation experience with 170+ princess!

You can now analyze the pros and cons of this Remi total coverage guy!


  • 40 tweezers with hygienic blades
  • Massaging cap, pivoting head, precision cap for distinct epilation
  • Rechargeable
  • Wet and dry usage
  • Built-in lightings
  • Epilation lasts longer
  • Aloe vera strips
  • Two speeds
  • Affordable price


  • Louder epilation happens with this Remi guy

Remington WDF5030


This Remi guy is suited for princess and queens who need the shaver epilation system. Also, I would advise the system on the biki lines as it is painless, effective and does not cause any harm. But still, if you did not perfectly use this sure, it can cause red bumps on the skin.

You princess can use any shaving gels or hair removal creams to make this Remi guy perfectly glide over the skin. This shaver head can perfectly weed for our bikini lines epilation as this has the 4 hypoallergenic blades. If you are scary for electric shaving on the biki lines, then you may nail the precision cap and then use the shaver head.

This Remi guy can be used in the dry as well as wet, so jump on your showers and experience the painless bikini lines epilation. You can obviously, use the shaver head in legs, arms, underarms and other areas. But, this can make your root hair tougher and hence the growing hairs would be rough. You can use this Remi guy on both sides as this has the flexi dual side.

Your skin will be nourished with this shaver head as this Remi guy hides the almond oil strips on the head. Even if we princess are sick or having periods, we can daringly use this Remi as this has the anti-microbial shield to protect our skin. You can snatch out all these beauty secret from your BF by hiding it in the beauty pouch provided.

So here we go with this Remi guys pros and cons!


  • Dual sided flexi shaver head
  • 4 hypoallergenic blades
  • Precision cap provided
  • Almond strip to nourish the skin
  • Wet/ Dry usage
  • Antimicrobial shield


  • Not a permanent solution
  • Price is a bit higher as this is not the permanent or lasting solution

Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus


This Remi guy is too professional, and within three months you can stay hair free permanently forever! Even though this guy has the highest price, this equates our dermatologists cost. But, with this guy, we can be comfortable in the home itself for the hair removal sessions, as I don't want to show my inner beauty to anyone!

This guy reduces my hairs up to 94% within 3 months of time. This guy is also tested with sensitive baby skin princess like me and is certified by the FDA for home usage of laser hair removal. This guy is faster and releases 30000 pulses of radiation per flash.

You don't need to be scary on using this laser hair removal session. If you know the perfect usage guide then for sure, this is the painless and favorite hair removal techie of you princess. This has removed all my hairs on legs, underarms, arms, chin. As you know, I am not daring to use this techie in my bikini lines epilation!

With this pro-Remi guy, you can check out the skin tone applicable for the laser hair removal with the check sensor provided. This Remi guy is brilliant and hence he also gives you bang when you miss place this device position for laser pulse. So no more worries or scariness with laser hair removal techie, you are also provided with the instructional DVD with this Remi guy.

Daringly hold the hands of this Remi guy with 150+ princess! Here is the pros and cons list of this pro-Remi guy!


  • Professional brand and hair removal techie
  • Lasts for more than 94% hair reduction. No matter whether peach or coarse hair
  • Faster and gentle
  • FDA approved
  • Permanent hair removal within three months
  • Check sensor
  • 30000 pulses per flash


  • Price is too high
  • Takes much time

Raise your hands up!

Sure, I had revealed your favorite brand's secrets of hair removal session. You princess would have picked the best products suited for your skin. If you need some help from this secret friend, then I am here for your painless epilation with this favorite brand. Please tell your friend comments page below if you need any help on your epilator choice!

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