Threading vs waxing vs tweezing: Who's the farmer in harvesting hairs?

Threading vs waxing vs tweezing! Who’s the best plucker of root hair?


Ouch! It's painy mam! Please remove the waxing strips gently, it's my face, not the artboard to pluck off the strips as it is! My diamond face is broke and it's bleeding!

Yuck, princess these waxing strips are really painful to me. Maybe some princess would adhere to this techie as it lasts for a long span, but I am truly disappointed by this techie.

So I have now tried all the pain techies in my face and don't want all the princess to experience pain. Also, I want a high definition eyebrows, so that as you see in my blog, my eyes can speak with feel to you princess!

So I have now tried all the pain techies in my face and don't want all the princess to experience pain. Also, I want a high definition eyebrows, so that as you see in my blog, my eyes can speak with feel to you princess! Here's my best judgement on the winner of the root hair harvester! Let's go deeper, so that I can make justice to the winner!

Threading Vs Waxing vs Tweezing on the court of justice!

Let's first start from the basic operations and then discuss the pros and cons, princess!



Threading is the perfect designer when comes to root hairs in the face. But this can't be used for entire hair removal session. This techie holds best in professionals hand, also, I couldn't win these tiny threads when shaping.

It needs some perfect shaping sensibilities, even though I am a better writer, I couldn't make arts with my eyebrows. Threading is the apt hair removal techie in the face, but when comes to underarms, bikini lines and legs, I have no patience to remove the whole of the hair just by rolling a thread.

It costs only a penny, just a thread and hair serum can make the face glowy, but not for my Brazilian outfit! The threading techie is the painless techie for face, there are no red bumps or itchy feel on the face.

I can get the HD shaping of eyebrows and best expressing eyes with this techie. The only thing is it's tough for me to do it in the home. Cheapest and best shaping device for eyebrows ever.

I swear, it lasts at least for 3-4 weeks for me as I am a peach princess, as it removes the root hairs from the follicles of the skin. I still remember the squeaky and mischievous behavior of my first threading experience, even I got curses from a pro.

But now, I vote 100% for threading techie, when it comes to my facial hair removal, particularly shaping eyebrows!


  • Best for facial hair removal.
  • HD hair removal for the face.
  • Affordable material cost.
  • Weeds perfect in professional hands.
  • Painless and leaves no red bumps in the face.


  • Takes more time.
  • Not home care make-up.
  • Needs perfect drawing skills for best-shaped eyebrows.
  • Not for whole body hair removal.



Waxing is one of the oldest hair removal techie, not only ancient but also effective in hair removal as well as pain. Yes, of course, all princess would agree that waxing is the best in removing hair, but nobody agrees that it's painless.

It removes hair not only from follicles but also from root skin. Hence it may cause rashes, burns and even bleeding. So I am not ready to use this Cleopatra's invention in my face.

But this techie is well suited for hair removal in legs, underarms, genitals. I will never assure that it will not cause any pain or red bumps in the skin.

Waxing techie utilises two types of waxes for the hair removal session. They are soft and hard waxes. Soft waxes are utilised in legs, underarms, faces and the areas at which we can handle pain.

But the hard waxes are mainly used in genitals, lips and sensitive areas of the skin. You can also prepare the wax from home, just with lemon, honey and sugar.

Wax posses pine rosin, esters and fatty acids which are the hair removal props. These ingredients are those which can remove hair from the skin.

Waxing kit is available for the whole body, you can slice up the strips according to the need, apply the wax and then after an interval remove the waxing strip as well as the hairs in skin.

This is one of the professional techies and so lasts for 4-5 weeks. But you must dare to be bleeding or bare pain. Also, we have to wait until the hair peeps out longer so that the waxing may be done in the skin. Now I am going to bundle the entire waxing kit with me.


  • Professional techie.
  • Removes the root hairs from the skin perfectly.
  • Lasts longer up to 3-4 weeks.
  • Whole body hair removal can be done.
  • Waxing can be done in the home itself.
  • Affordable.


  • Most awful techie which is painful and bleeding.
  • Rashes, burns and skin irritations are agreed by a princess who uses this techie.
  • Can't step out for more than two to three hours after waxing.
  • Needs lengthy hairs for next waxing session.



Tweezing is the trendy and comfortable choice of mine. I don't need to be a professional designer or beautician to shape my eyebrows with the spring.

It's just playful when I pick the spring tweezer to shape my eyebrows. I will hold the "U" and just unfold it to make nice HD curves in my eyebrows.

Tweezing is the painless and most easily recovered pain for hair removal session. Tweezing becomes more comfortable when we pick the right device for epilating the skin.

I will guide you better in terms of tweezing. When comes to tweezing, don't be scary that it's a device which is going to harm you. Be cool this can make your skin loose to enjoy painless tweezing.

Because I remember the first scary pain of tweezing which make the skin tough to move with tweezers. Also, when you tweeze your face use spring type tweezer to shape eyebrows and remove hairs in the upper lip.

This spring type tweezers can be used for entire facial hair removal. There are also best tweezers in the market for facial hair removal which you can use by nailing the protective or facial cap in it.

You can remove the hair in the entire body just by a device by adjusting the attachments provided. In the tweezing world, there are best products to remove hair even from our genitals.

These tweezers come with hypoallergenic blades and antimicrobial shield for a high degree of sanitary reasons, particularly in genitals. So I am having the confidence boosting that I am safe.

The one more thing is it is too affordable that once if I pick the best tweezer for the entire body, I can be free for at least a year. I am free from waiting for appointments in spas and I can adjust my schedule according to my need.

Even though the hair removal sessions of princess are not to be admitted the truth, I will as I am responsible for painless hair removal sessions of the princess.

Also, the teens like us can't get appointments in spas in the last minute calls of BF's. So daringly, I would invest money in the hair removal techie of tweezing.

Also, the teens like us can't get appointments in spas in the last minute calls of BF's. So daringly, I would invest money in the hair removal techie of tweezing.

I will always use the tweezers in the shower, which is a painless tip, all my secret friends know! I am too shy to show all my body to anyone, so I would never step out for the hair removal session for the spa.

This tweezer makes me comfortable in the home itself. For me the tweezing hair removal techie equates the professional awful waxing, even exceeds the span for 4-5 weeks. Let's tweeze the pros and cons of a techie.


  • Perfectly affordable for entire body hair removal.
  • Lasts up to 4-5 weeks.
  • Comfortable with attachments for the entire body.
  • Painless when gently tweezed.
  • High degree of sanitary reasons.
  • Easy for facial hair removal too!
  • Protects with an antimicrobial shield in sensitive genitals.
  • Trendy and comfortable.
  • No more red bumps after 1-2 hours.
  • Cuts off up to 0.5mm of root hair.


  • Picking the best tweezer is only the deal.

Best harvester or plucker of hair award goes to...!

I am felicitated to award this best plucker and harvester of hairs. It's none other than tweezing. In my experience of hair removal session, I would dare confidently to use the tweezing techie for the entire body, also it's not a great deal to spend at least $30-50 for my beauty secret.

I could manage the appointments of hair removal sessions in my home as per my busy schedule! So who is the winner of your hair removal sessions princess? Let's make felicitation, but I need a perfect justice on the comments page of your secret friend!

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